Google Ads Management Services

Run smarter Google Ads campaigns.


Run smarter Google Ads campaigns with a higher ROI

Drive targeted, ready-to-convert traffic to your website with Google Ads campaigns.



Targeted Campaigns

Reach more customers and make more sales

Run targeted campaigns to reach your exact customers. Get a team of Google Ads experts to reach specific customers based on their location, demographics, interests, online behavior, and more. Increase conversions without wasting any budget.

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Stay on top of your ads performance at all times

Access real-time reporting to track how your ads are performing at any given time. Stay up to date to make smarter decisions and achieve better results.

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Different Campaign Types

Launch campaigns that have a greater impact

Use Brax’s Google Ads expertise to launch different types of campaigns for your business. We will help you create and optimize the right type of campaign to drive more relevant traffic, without wasting time or budget.

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Google Ads Properties

Reach more customers wherever they are

We will help you run targeted campaigns on YouTube, Gmail, and all other Google properties. Now you can dominate the online space and reach more customers in different places.

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Versatile Campaigns

Run versatile campaigns that deliver better results

Show ads on websites of virtually any niche to increase your reach and send more traffic to your site. We will find where your audience is, and generate the best return for your advertising budget.

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Fully-Managed Ad Campaigns

Put your ad budget in expert hands

Our experienced team of Google Ads specialists knows how to deliver results. Don’t waste any time or money. Spend more time focusing on your business while we apply proven marketing strategies to grow your business fast.

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Increase revenue for your business with our Google Ads Management Services

Our Google Ads experts help you achieve the fastest and most cost-effective way to increase revenue for your business.


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Case Studies

Using Brax in conjunction with Revcontent is a force multiplier


“Brax allows us to target our bids to the most profitable ad units during the most profitable times of day for our campaigns. The team at Brax has been instrumental to our success.”

Steve Gunn, Chief Marketing Officer, Tommy Chong’s CBD
Case Studies

Brax Has Helped MVF Simplify Their Workflow, Saving 90+ Hours Every Month


“If you spend a lot of time running native campaigns across a lot of different platforms, Brax can massively speed up the process.”

Luke Watkin, Head of native, MVF
Case Studies

With Brax, we’re able to set up the most impactful metrics for our business


“Brax allows us to spend less time maintaining the status quo with our ad campaigns, so we can spend more time finding true growth opportunities that will make a big impact.”

Kevin Buensuceso, Growth Team, Tophatter
Case Studies

Brax’s bulk upload feature saves us time when we need to upload different ad groups to different campaigns.


“We’ve been using Brax for years and it’s still the most solid platform on the market. The customer support is good and the usability is great.”

Eelco Rol, Director Acquisition Marketing, Audibene / Hear.com


When you are ready to diversify, scale, or just want to explore easier oppertunities to achieve better ROI, Brax hsa you covered.

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