Brax For Small Business

Get a team of marketing professionals to design a strategy, build your campaigns and deliver results.

Our mission is to help small businesses get a better return on investment from their online marketing. 

Brax was founded in 2014 with the goal of helping native advertisers scale their campaigns and reduce the manual work required to run large-scale campaigns. And that's something we still do, really well.

To date, Brax's platform handles over a billion dollars of ad spend every year. And every year that grows with rave reviews from our customers to back it up.

But we know that also there's a gap between small businesses with great products and services, and the companies that are able to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars a month on advertising.

That's why we've introduced Brax for Small Business, a full-service offering designed to set small businesses up for success.

You might not be able to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month on advertising. But our team is here to help get you there, and guide you every step of the way.


Strategy Planning

Stop wasting money on marketing campaigns that are bound to fail

It doesn't matter how much you spend on advertising each month if your core strategy is flawed. 

That's why every client we work with we ensure that:

Your website is updated and optimized for conversion

Conversion tracking is setup

We have a plan to advertise on the right channels for your business

You get traffic to pages that will actually drive revenue

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Google Ads

Leverage Google's network to reach people searching for your products and services

We will help you run targeted campaigns across Google's entire ad network. We test different ad placements across search, display, YouTube, and Gmail to find the perfect audience for your product.

Google ads management includes:

Website audit 

Google product listings

Asset creation for display ads

Access to Braxy.io, our AI Google ads software

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Brax_Social Media Ads Management (3)

Social Media Ads

Reach customers where they spend the most time, social media

Let me guess, you've tried running social media ads in the past and they didn't work out. You might even have thrown in the towel and vowed to never advertise on social media again. The truth is there still is tons of opportunity to generate revenue from Facebook and Instagram, you just need to ensure you have the right strategy.

Our team can help you:

Setup the right campaigns to ensure you're getting conversions

Target the right audience so they're more likely to click-through on your offers

Ensure you have a refined follow up strategy which can include email marketing and retargeting

Deliver reports so you know how much ROI campaigns are producing

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Campaign Creation

A team of professional designers working for you

Access high-quality graphic designs to make your business stand out. Get a team of dedicated designers working towards your business goals. With great design, your business will be unstoppable!

What we can do:

Website Redesign

Logo Redesign

Website Audit

Brand Book



Video Editing

Mixed Media


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Lead Generation

Get more high-quality leads and make more sales

Let experts manage all of your lead generation needs to help your business grow faster. We’ll create a lead generation strategy tailored to your business that delivers results.

What we can do:

Social Contests

Fully Managed Campaigns

Growth Hacking

Campaign Audit

Email Drip Campaigns

SMS Marketing

PPC Campaigns

Abandon Cart

Website Pop-up


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Search Engine Optimization

Outrank your competition with SEO that works

Use proven tactics to get to the top of search results. Our experts will handle your entire SEO strategy to help you send more high-quality, free traffic to your website.

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Content Creation

Content marketing that makes an impact

Use content marketing to boost brand awareness and gain more traffic. Get your own dedicated team of experts working on your social media, email marketing, landing pages, blog posts, advertorials, and more. Save hours of time while creating content that leaves an impact.

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Save time and increase your ROI with Brax's Fully Managed Marketing Services

 Grow your business faster and more efficiently with a team of dedicated experts.


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Case Studies

Using Brax in conjunction with Revcontent is a force multiplier


“Brax allows us to target our bids to the most profitable ad units during the most profitable times of day for our campaigns. The team at Brax has been instrumental to our success.”

Steve Gunn, Chief Marketing Officer, Tommy Chong’s CBD
Case Studies

Brax Has Helped MVF Simplify Their Workflow, Saving 90+ Hours Every Month


“If you spend a lot of time running native campaigns across a lot of different platforms, Brax can massively speed up the process.”

Luke Watkin, Head of native, MVF
Case Studies

With Brax, we’re able to set up the most impactful metrics for our business


“Brax allows us to spend less time maintaining the status quo with our ad campaigns, so we can spend more time finding true growth opportunities that will make a big impact.”

Kevin Buensuceso, Growth Team, Tophatter
Case Studies

Brax’s bulk upload feature saves us time when we need to upload different ad groups to different campaigns.


“We’ve been using Brax for years and it’s still the most solid platform on the market. The customer support is good and the usability is great.”

Eelco Rol, Director Acquisition Marketing, Audibene / Hear.com


When you are ready to diversify, scale, or just want to explore an easier ad experience outside of Facebook, reach out - we are ready and excited to help you make the jump.

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