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Campaign & Ad Management

Bulk campaign creation & management

Bulk ad creation & management

Re-use ad creatives across ad networks & campaigns

Connect unlimited ad network & google analytics accounts

Add unlimited users without sharing passwords

Limit user access to specific accounts


Unified Reporting

Campaign performance across all networks

Combine Google analytics and ad network data across campaigns, ads & publishers

Ad performance across all campaigns & networks

Publisher performance across all campaigns & networks

Custom calculations using multiple data sources such as Profit, ROI and CPA

Excel export all reports


Automatic Optimization

Automate blocking publishers

Automate publisher bid adjustments

Automate pausing ads based on any metric

Daypart campaign bids, budgets and switch on / off

Automation criteria for over 100 standard metrics & 20 custom calculated metrics

Dayparting on day, hour and every 15 minutes

Frequently asked questions

Am I “locked” into Brax to manage my campaigns?
No, you may continue to manage campaigns outside of Brax including any campaigns or ads you create through Brax

How is ad spend determined?
The sum of ad spend during your billing period in Brax.

What happens if I exceed my managed spend?
Additional ad spend is invoiced at your respectful overage rate. You may upgrade to a larger plan or renew early to avoid an overage fee. For example, if you are on the Business plan and your total ad spend is $100,000. Then your overage fee is calculated as follows:
$100,000 (total spend) - $50,000 (plan cap) = $50,000 in overage
50,000 x 1.5% = $750 overage fee.

How will I pay for advertising created through Brax?
All advertising managed and created through Brax will continue billing through your existing ad network accounts with Outbrain, Taboola, Yahoo Gemini, Revcontent and

How does ad overage work for older yearly ad spend plans?
If you have a plan that allows up to $X million in ad spend per year it's calculated on a monthly basis ($X million / 12 months).

Do you offer yearly plans?
Yes, please contact us for a special yearly discount,

Are there any limitations on the free trial?
You have full access to all the features for the length of your trial.