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Universal Ads Editor

Easily create ads once and publish them across multiple platforms.



Universal Ads Editor

Create ads once and launch them across multiple platforms. All in just a few clicks.

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Quickly Create Dozens of Variations

With Brax's Universal Ads Editor, you can build ads faster than ever before. Allowing you to create up to 10 different ad headlines and descriptions combined with thousands of images, you'll be testing new campaigns in no time.           

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Access to Thousands of Stock Images

With a built-in Pexels integration, you'll be able to search and add new creatives from directly inside of Brax. No more scouring the web for the perfect image.

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Guaranteed Platform Compatibility

Brax's Universal Ads Editor allows you to easily resize images based on the dimension of each platform. Simply drag and drop your image to maximize its appeal. The Universal Ads Creator will also help identify whether headlines and descriptions are platform compliant.

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The Power to Scale

Once ads are launched, you're able to leverage the power of Brax to manage your ads from a single dashboard. Quickly see which campaigns are performing the best and use Brax to automatically remove underperforming placements while scaling campaigns that are driving results. 

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Where will my ads show up?   

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Case Studies

Using Brax in conjunction with Revcontent is a force multiplier


“Brax allows us to target our bids to the most profitable ad units during the most profitable times of day for our campaigns. The team at Brax has been instrumental to our success.”

Steve Gunn, Chief Marketing Officer, Tommy Chong’s CBD
Case Studies

Brax Has Helped MVF Simplify Their Workflow, Saving 90+ Hours Every Month


“If you spend a lot of time running native campaigns across a lot of different platforms, Brax can massively speed up the process.”

Luke Watkin, Head of native, MVF
Case Studies

With Brax, we’re able to set up the most impactful metrics for our business


“Brax allows us to spend less time maintaining the status quo with our ad campaigns, so we can spend more time finding true growth opportunities that will make a big impact.”

Kevin Buensuceso, Growth Team, Tophatter
Case Studies

Brax’s bulk upload feature saves us time when we need to upload different ad groups to different campaigns.


“We’ve been using Brax for years and it’s still the most solid platform on the market. The customer support is good and the usability is great.”

Eelco Rol, Director Acquisition Marketing, Audibene /


When you are ready to diversify, scale, or just want to explore an easier ad experience outside of Facebook, reach out - we are ready and excited to help you make the jump.

Qualification Requirements
  • Currently spending at least $50,000/m on Facebook
  • A budget of $15k+ in test ad spend for 30 days
  • You have a proven CPA metric, and tracking
  • You have enough capital and product to scale when we achieve your CPA/ROAS

Get in touch

If you qualify, and are ready to learn more email us at or if you prefer to speak over Zoom, grab a time below: