Brax Product Update - December 2022

By Kevin Ho

We’re excited to announce some of Brax’s newest product releases. Most notably, our team has been busy working on releasing our latest integration: Yahoo DSP. 


With the new Yahoo DSP integration, Brax users are now able to: 

  • Create/update new Yahoo DSP campaigns and lines inside of Brax
  • Create/update new Yahoo DSP ads including headlines, descriptions, and images
  • Duplicate campaigns and creatives for faster iteration and testing
  • Build custom audiences: create custom audiences from a list of email addresses or using device IDs
  • Set up re-engagement audiences: target based on user behavior
  • Use Brax’s ad builder to access thousands of stock images from Pexels and Unsplash making Yahoo ad creation a breeze
  • Automatically pause Yahoo DSP campaigns, ads, and lines using automated rules
  • Set Yahoo DSP rules to run on schedules

We’re also happy to announce some general updates that will help increase platform usability for all users.


Power Editor Update: You now can filter between campaign statuses to make it easier to export smaller files with only the data you need.


Select which campaign statuses you’d like to export and you’ll be able to get that campaign data as an excel file.



Server updates: You may have noticed some speed improvements to the platform! That’s due to server improvements we've been rolling out. We will continue to monitor platform performance and will make improvements to reduce processing time for rules.


**Bonus! We're also adding the ability to retrieve Revcontent data every 15 minutes instead of hourly. To enable this feature for your account email and we'll be happy to set it up for you :)

That's all for now! We look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.