Case Study: How Retyche Got Over $100,000 in Sales with a Giveaway

By Brax Team Case Study

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At Brax, we've helped to generate over 100,000 leads for business just like you. One of the most used lead generation tools is contests and giveaways.

Across all industries, eCommerce and beauty contests have the highest conversions and contest entries. Contests held by eCommerce and beauty have ten times more conversions and engagement when compared to other industries.

We offer customers a wide range of social media contests & competitions to grow their following and increase sales.

Retyche turned to Brax to help them find a way to generate more leads and sales, enough to cover expenses so they could keep their business going despite the pandemic at hand.

When the Brax team went to work we helped them to earn over $100,000 in sales with one shopping spree giveaway.

Crafting the Perfect Offer

Retyche is a luxury second-hand thrift store. They had used other marketing tools, but the problem seemed to be the same. When they sat down to strategize with our Brax team, they originally had two goals but above all was to make back the investment they had placed in using Brax's tools and cover other expenses.

The first was to generate leads by building brand awareness, and the second goal was to generate sales for their best sellers.

Since lead generation was the first task at hand, the team decided a $500 shopping spree giveaway was the best way to go. A dedicated landing page for this giveaway was created to help collect leads.


Since Facebook ads would be the most effective tool to bring more awareness for the brand, it was used to promote the giveaway along with Retyche's best selling products. The audience we targeted for these ads were interested in specific niches such as sustainable fashion, thrifting, second-hand shopping, and luxury items. The team went in full force with a variety of Facebook ads such as:


  • Acquisition ads campaigns: User acquisition is the process of using data-driven mobile ad campaigns. It's used to build awareness for apps, platforms, or services and capture new users.

  • Retargeting ad campaigns: These are ads shown only to people who have previously engaged with your brand at one point or another online. Remarketing ads are up to 10 times more likely to be clicked on than a regular paid display ad.

  • Dynamic ads campaigns: These ads use machine learning to scale your ads when you have a broad range of large volumes of products. Dynamic ads automatically deliver relevant services or offerings to people based on their interests, intent, and actions.

Once the ads were generating leads, it was time to convert leads from the ads and giveaway into paying customers. Leads were funneled into a welcome email campaign. Emails focused on brand awareness, showcasing the top sellers, exclusive discounts, and promoting sales. After leads completed the welcome email campaign, they were added to Retyche's bi-weekly newsletter to keep them engaged with the brand.

For leads who did not make a purchase, they were retargeted with optimized ads versions of the original ads used. Using the data collected from Facebook ad manager and Google analytics, Brax's team found that smaller items were easier to promote and sell. The team also realized that Instagram was the brand's most profitable platform, using the Instagram and IG Story ads more significantly than Facebook ads.


The Results of the Campaign

With an investment of $2000 in ads, with the use of the shopping spree giveaway backed by Facebook and Instagram ads, Retyche earned over 908 leads, 106 sales that totaled to over $115,000 in sales.

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