Case Study: How The Scented Market Made Over $34,000 With Just One Offer

By Brax Team Case Study

Case Study Brax

Having a unique offer is a powerful pull for new and current customers to follow through on their purchases.

With the holiday season approaching you can anticipate sales flooding your eCommerce store. But the same can’t be said for those long dry spells in between holiday seasons.

The Scented Market faced this exact problem in April after Easter sales started to die down. So they reached out to Brax's marketing team, they wanted to know what steps they could take to increase sales now, instead of waiting for the next holiday rush.

Today we're going to break down how The Scented Market made over $34,000 in 32 days with a Brax marketing campaign.

Crafting a Unique Offer

The Scented Market this mompreneur founded brand is a handmade scented candle company that's based in Vancouver.

In their first campaign, Brax helped The Scented Marketing to earn over $15,000 in sales with a giveaway campaign for the holiday.

During the holidays' people are more prevalent to spend, they have access to quick sales, bundles, and deals. However, after the holidays' people lose their sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and start to watch what they spend.
In order to counteract this mindset, our Brax team needed to craft a campaign with a unique offer to attract them back to The Scented Markets site.

It had to be a singular offer that would get people to not only visit The Scented Market’s website but push them to spend more than they anticipated.

When marketing your products, it's best to have one value proposition, one offer, and one sales pitch to attract customers.

Too many offers and you can confuse or overwhelm potential customers with choice paradox.

The paradox of choice is an observation that having many options to choose from, rather than making people happy and ensuring they get what they want, can cause them stress and problematize decision-making.

Most brands fall into this trap by having multiple offers promoted across all their online platforms, but these things can cancel each other out or cheapen your brand's value or products.

With this principle in mind, our Brax marketing team crafted a digital marketing campaign using "Free Shipping" as the one pull to drive sales and The Scented Market's candles benefit and story.

Free shipping for purchases over $150 was used as a lead magnet.


A lead magnet is a bait you offer to your leads to get them to convert to your website and become a lead or paying customer. To simplify it: The Scented Market's story and handmade candle features were used to attract their ideal target audience, but the lead magnet, the offer of free shipping, would be used to change that viewer to a paying customer.

The Strategy at Hand

Once the offer was determined, Brax's team created a landing page to use with their promotional material, along with Facebook and Instagram ads.

After all, Facebook ad is nothing without a landing page or a specific website. It’s important that you choose a landing page that better suits your campaign.

With Brax's Canvas, we were able to create a stunning landing in minutes for The Scented Marketing. The landing page would be used to house customers who clicked on Facebook ads, emails, or social media content.

The Scented Market’s landing page was also integrated with a Shopify button so that customers could purchase directly on the landing page with ease.

The team wanted to ensure that the visitor could effortlessly access our free shipping offer without moving from page to page manually, which would affect sales and conversions.


Outside of this landing page, this offer was also placed on The Scented Market's eCommerce website to ensure that no matter where customers interacted with the brand, they saw a cohesive offer.

Once again, navigating customers down a virtual marketing funnel with a singular goal, to attract sales with free shipping.


The Plan in Action

To get the ball rolling, Brax's team also utilized The Scent Candles existing email list to start promoting the free shipping offer. The team sent a total of six emails.

The team sent two emails at the beginning of the promotion sharing the details on the features of The Scented Market's “Springtime Collection”. Two emails were sent during the marketing campaign to promote their “Summertime Collection”, and lastly, two emails showcasing their signature collections towards the end offer. This meant for customers to engage with the offer, products, landing page consistently.

Next, Brax's team created detailed Facebook and Instagram ads to promote the offer in spaces where The Scented Market's audience was actively present and would interact with the ads.

Brax's ads management team narrowed down two audiences online that fit the bill: women with an interest in scented candles, aromatherapy, and the persons interested in their competitors located in Canada and the US.

Brax's ads management team created ads with key phrases like "Free shipping" and "Shop our best-sellers," combined with visual images that would catch the eye of our target audience, scrolling on Facebook and Instagram.

The team developed a total of two Facebook & Instagram Story ad sets, each with dynamic content to leverage Facebook's machine learning and allocate the budget towards the best performing elements (such as headlines, copies, images, CTA, etc.).



The Results of the Campaign

The Scented Market's Facebook ad campaign generated 98,432 impressions, 270 clicks, 250 conversions, which attracted over $26,000 in sales. The Instagram Stories ad campaign generated 145,532 impressions, 205 clicks, 83 conversions, which are a total of over $8,000 in sales.

A combination of an email campaign, Facebook, and Instagram stories with a singular offer of "Free Shipping for Orders over $150" generated approximately $34,000.00 in sales.

Final Thoughts

Social media advertising can be an effective way to reach a large number of potential customers, but it's important to keep in mind some best practices so that you can get the most out of your campaigns.

If you need help with social media marketing, feel free to reach out to us!