Content.Ad Best Practices

By Khaled Azar Best Practices


Content.Ad is a native sponsored content platform that can help you to attract new, highly-engaged readers. Brax has worked with Content.Ad to create thousands of ads more efficiently. We’ve put together a cheat sheet that has everything you need to make sure your ads show up how they’re supposed.

Technical Specifications:

Image Size 300x250 pixels
Max Headline Characters 100
Max Recommended CPC Start Desktop $0.05
Max Recommended CPC Start Mobile $0.03
Minimum Budget $100
Location Targeting: Country, Region, State
Device Targeting Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone
Maximum Ads Approved 40-50 Ads Per Account (No more than 10-15 ads per URL)
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images) No


Ads Will Be Rejected:

  • Mismatched landing page URL
  • Content that is false, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Content that may be illegal in any applicable jurisdiction or that promotes illegal activity.
  • Content that is hateful, discriminatory, abusive, intolerant, obscene, offensive, exploitative, harassing, threatening, or inciting violence.
  • Content that promotes dangerous, violent, or harmful behavior or that we feel may otherwise cause harm to our users for any reason.
  • Nudity or pornographic content.