Content.Ad Best Practices

By Khaled Azar Best Practices


Content.Ad is a native sponsored content platform that can help you to attract new, highly-engaged readers. Brax has worked with Content.Ad to create thousands of ads more efficiently. We’ve put together a cheat sheet that has everything you need to make sure your native ads show up how they’re supposed to. Technical Specifications

Image Size 760x500 (recommended), 300x250 (minimum)
Max Headline Characters 60 characters. Use [Country], [State], [City], or [Postal_Code] to display viewer's location.
Min Recommended CPC Start Desktop $0.01
Min Recommended CPC Start Mobile $0.01
Minimum Budget $100
Location Targeting: Country, Region, State
Device Targeting Desktop, Mobile (Smartphones)
Maximum Ads Approved 40-50 Ads Per Account (No more than 10-15 ads per URL)
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images) No
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Ads Will Be Rejected if:

  • Mismatched landing page URL
  • Content that is false, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Content that may be illegal in any applicable jurisdiction or that promotes illegal activity.
  • Content that is hateful, discriminatory, abusive, intolerant, obscene, offensive, exploitative, harassing, threatening, or inciting violence.
  • Content that promotes dangerous, violent, or harmful behavior or that we feel may otherwise cause harm to our users for any reason.
  • Nudity or pornographic content.