Top Native Ad Spy Tools to Track Competitor Ads

By Joanne Maisch


Learn more about why spying on your competitors’ ads can be a good thing, and have a look at the top native ad spy tools on the market.


As an advertiser, regardless of how experienced you are, it’s vital to stay up to date with the latest trends and methods to ensure you’re getting the best return on your investment for your ads.

Native advertising can be a great way to drive sales for your business, but how do you stay on top of the ever-changing advertising landscape to get the best results?

The best way to do this is to spy on your competitors’ ads, using any of the numerous native ads spy tool options on the market.

Why use native ad spy tools?

The main goal as an advertiser is to combine variations of ad copy and landing pages to deliver the highest possible number of conversions.

Finding the highest-converting combination usually involves experimenting with different landing pages and ad copy and running A/B tests. While this tried-and-tested strategy works for many businesses, it takes a lot of time and a substantial budget to test and optimize ad variations.

Before investing all that time, effort, and money with no guarantee of getting the results you’re looking for, a great alternative is to look into what ads are working for your competitors.

Eliminate the guesswork and see precisely what’s working for your competitors, see the results of every test and every ad variation, and make their success your success.

How to find competitor native ads

The best way to do this kind of competitor analysis is to use one of the many native ad spy tools on the market.

These tools provide insight into what ads your competitors are running, where they’re running them, and what makes their ads successful.

With these ad spy tools, you can search for competitor ads in different categories based on criteria such as source and ad network and demographic data like gender, age, region, etc.

So, which native ad spy tools should you be using? Let’s get into it.

Top native ad spy tools


Anstrex is one of the most powerful native ad spy tools on the market. This platform offers you intelligent ad data on over 20 different ad networks and over three million ads.

Anstrex offers easy-to-use search functionality on both mobile and desktop ad versions and allows you to view competitors’ landing pages with the click of a button. To take it one step further, you can even download these landing pages.

Another great feature on Anstrex is that it enables you to set alerts based on your criteria. The system will then notify you when it finds ads that match your criteria.


PowerAdSpy is a great tool that makes it easy to find your competitors’ best-performing native ads by giving you easy search functionality and advanced filters.

Search your target audience (age, audience, keywords, competitors) and find active and past campaigns from advertisers on 17 different native ad networks.

Advanced analytics allow you to see which ads get the most clicks, which networks converted the most on which campaigns, and which ads appeared on which network.


AdPlexity is an excellent all-round native ad spy tool, letting you view competitor ads across mobile, desktop, and app.

With AdPlexity, you can filter results based on device, allowing you to look at ads targeted to most popular devices, including PC, Mac, iPhones, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.

This platform also enables you to see how long any given ad campaign has been live, which landing page it pointed at, and how it performed.


WhatRunsWhere offers users in-depth detail, allowing users to filter based on network, ad size, and keywords. While this tool’s geographic coverage isn’t as broad as some of the other tools listed, it still covers 20,000 websites and over 90,000 advertisers.

An additional feature that makes WhatRunsWhere quite unique is that it enables users to see which keywords competitors are trying to rank for on Google.


SpyOver offers users coverage of 115 different countries and 13 ad networks, giving you visibility of over nine million ads and more than 800,000 landing pages. Advanced analytical tools show users impression trends across chosen time periods based on selected countries and devices.

What’s more, SpyOver lets users download ads and landing pages with a single click, and even gives users the ability to mass download ads for further analysis.

Scale your content marketing with Brax

These are just some of the best tools available—there are many more out there. Before selecting one, be sure to compare features and pricing and choose one that best suits your business needs and budget.

With a great native ad content strategy in place, these tools will help you find the winning formula, and once you do, you’ll have native ads that deliver excellent results for your business regularly.

At Brax, we’re committed to helping your business discover this formula by providing a platform that enables you to scale your content marketing. You can focus on competitor research using instant insight into data to find what works and maximize campaign ROI.

If you’d like to take your native advertising campaigns to the next level, sign up for your free 15-day trial today and see how Brax can assist your business.