Bulk Creation of Yahoo Gemini Campaigns & Ad Groups

By Khaled Azar Resources

Launching a marketing campaign can be a very tedious task, especially when you have a procedure that requires you to have different settings for targeting. The benefit of this is that you can optimize more specifically for each of those ad groups or campaigns. In some cases, you will even want to test the same ads across different settings.

If you're using Yahoo Gemini, you'd be happy to know that it is possible to create multiple ad groups in a single campaign with the same ads here at Brax. With this, the time you'll spend in setting up a ad groups for split-testing will be greatly reduced. 

Steps on Bulk Campaign Creation for Yahoo Gemini

Since some interfaces are easier to understand than others, we find it prudent to outline how this can be done in our platform.

  1. Click New Campaigns on the top of the screen to create your first campaign for Yahoo in Brax. On this same screen you will create your first Ad Group as well.
  2. Once created, you will get a screen to upload or create ads, click New Ads to create your first set of ads (Creative Group in Brax).
  3. Push the creative group to the Yahoo Campaign and Ad Group you just created. If its the first push, you will need to also put the Company Name, URL, and Display URL.
  4. Once pushed, go into Yahoo after 30 seconds to confirm the Campaign, Ad Group, and Ads were created.
  5. Once complete, go back into Campaigns and edit your Yahoo campaign in Brax. Create a new ad group and update its settings to match your preferred  targeting. Do this for as many setting combos you need.
  6. Now click Ad Groups and find the group you previously created and uploaded. Click Upload and select Yahoo to push the creative group again to the Yahoo campaign.
  7. Select the group you want to upload the ads to.
  8. Repeat step 7 for as many ad groups as you created.
You have now created a campaign with many ad groups with different settings with the same ads.

If you want more guidance for your custom convention or procedure, do not hesitate to email Love@Brax.io to set up a time to work with our customer success team.