How to Increase Your Native Advertising ROI, Reach, and Engagement

By Alfred Burton
pen-pointing-in-a-tab-with-chart Start increasing your native advertising ROI, reach, and user engagement by understanding how native ads achieve conversions.


Advertisements all over the internet are constantly fighting to get users’ attention, but what if you could get someone to click through your ad without even realizing it was promotional content? That’s where native advertising excels.

Flashy, distracting banner ads are a thing of the past (or at least they should be) and native ads are becoming the most effective way to increase your marketing ROI, extend your reach, and boost user engagement.

ROI: Content marketing vs. native advertising

While the terms “content marketing” and “native advertising” are sometimes used interchangeably, they have different meanings and capabilities.

Native advertising uses streamlined, unobtrusive ad placements and provides valuable information to a targeted demographic. Native ads are a seamless part of a website designed to be non-disruptive to the user, and they offer relevant information to engage the site’s readers.

You can look at content marketing as a process with a wider, long-term goal. Content marketing using content assets like videos, whitepapers, and blog posts, but there’s an important distinction from native advertising: the media gets shared through content marketing owned by the business rather than posted on authoritative, trustworthy websites.

Here’s how you can increase your native advertising ROI, reach, and engagement:

1. Enhance native advertising ROI with your marketing funnel

Your marketing funnel is the model used to describe each stage of your customer’s journey with your brand, from discovery to conversion. Top of funnel content builds brand awareness, you nurture your leads in the middle funnel, and you drive those leads forward to your bottom funnel to make the sale.

Your native advertising ROI depends heavily on your marketing funnel, and native ads can be used to promote content in each stage, leading your prospects to make a purchase in the final one.

Top of funnel

Top of funnel content is what brings you new leads, builds trust, and allows you to educate potential customers about your products or services. Native ads let you get this content in front of an audience that isn’t familiar with your brand and is one of the most effective distribution techniques to increase the ROI of your native advertising strategies.

Get the most out of your native advertising ROI by reaching new customers, building brand awareness, and generating new leads.

Middle of funnel

Middle of funnel content shows your customers how to solve a problem that they face and convinces them that your products or services could address it more efficiently. At this stage, your native ads should focus on retargeting and re-engaging recent web traffic, email subscribers, and current customers.

Increase your native advertising ROI by increasing purchase intent, building more trust, and retargeting previous leads.

Bottom of funnel

Content in the bottom funnel is what convinces your client prospects to make the conversion. Native ad campaigns have a lot of power at this stage because of the partnership between your brand and publisher. Since you’ve already built trust, your native ads look more like a suggestion from the publisher rather than an advertisement.

Enhance your native advertising ROI by leading your customers to landing pages with what you’ve been offering them, like a free trial or consultation.

2. Extend your reach by building brand awareness & credibility

Using native ads to promote top funnel content is effective at building brand awareness, but how people interact with that content is even more important. By utilizing native advertisements with content that’s educational or emotional—rather than highly promotional—your users are more likely to share the content, furthering brand awareness and promoting it for free.

To increase your native advertising ROI, you want to reach the widest audience possible, and native ads let you distribute content while building trust and loyalty with your customers.

Displaying your content on authoritative, trustworthy websites helps you build credibility with your audience and establish your brand as an industry-leading solution.

Get more out of your native advertising ROI by not only promoting your resources with native ads but also by displaying your articles on your publisher’s site.

3. Build better engagement with native advertising

The truth is that people don’t like seeing ads. There’s a good reason why native ads often perform better than their counterparts: Native advertising is designed to be non-disruptive. Because native ads align with the function and form of the site they appear on, they’re naturally unobtrusive.

Traditional digital marketing strategies like banner ads are becoming less effective as users tend to ignore obvious and distracting sales tactics. Click-through rates are falling for display ads but rising for native ads.

A higher level of engagement through native advertising leads to increased purchase intent, click-through rates, and acceptance over display advertising.

You can get better native advertising ROI by engaging customers with valuable, genuine information that doesn’t interrupt their experience.

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