Native Advertising Best Practices for 2020

By Brax Team Tips & Tricks

Emarketer now states that by the end of 2020, advertisers will devote almost two-thirds of display ad budgets to native ads. Meanwhile, the figures show that by 2021, revenue from native ads will increase by 46%. That's why it's important or rather crucial to know these native advertising best practices for 2020!Native advertising best practices, native ads practices, native ads techniques

...Especially since the practices that work well with traditional forms of advertising aren't going to work as well with native advertising. 

In this post, we go over the crucial best practices for native advertising in 2020:


1. Spend time doing research using both your data and data of other companies to understand your audience, their behavior, issues, buying motivations, and goals. That's just to name a few. You can never know too much about your audience.

2. Plan out content right. Native ads content that works is the result of the right research on understanding your audience, the right visuals, and but most importantly, the content. Native ads are about value. That's why they work so well. How can you provide your current audience value? Think about that!

3. Be flexible with your budget. The best native advertising strategies are the ones that are adjusted based on data.

4. Choose the right profit targets. Depending on your industry, these will differ. In some industries, you are looking at one-time profit from a client, meanwhile with others, you are looking long-term. It's important to acknowledge that and then choose the right profit target based on that.

Spend time on Targeting

Crucial to your native advertising strategy in 2020 is the aspect of targeting.native advertising best practices for 2020

If you haven't already done so, create a target customer profile, which is a fictional profile of your target customer.

When creating this profile, think about all the things you found when researching, and really put yourself in the shoes of your customer.

After you have a target profile created, you will be able to target your native ads far more effectively, resulting in much effective and efficient ads.

Keep Optimizing

The best native advertising strategies are the ones that are constantly being optimized.

What works great at the start of 2020 won't necessarily work great at the end of 2020.

Trends change all the time, and if you want for your strategy to work, you will need to adapt.

Of course, once an ad shows to be working effectively, keep it, and run it until it starts burning out.

But it's not just about that...

With data you will see that people react to your ads differently at different times of the day, days, and even when certain events are on. Without optimization, you won't be able to take  advantage of the circumstances around that play a role in the effectiveness of your native ads.

Be Creative

Your competitors have access to the same tools as you. Some use ad platforms directly. Meanwhile others utilize tools like Brax to manage, monitor, and modify their ads among all ad platforms, but either way, you and your competitor get the same amount of pixels for an ad.

What separates you and them is your creativity.

In this native advertising best practices for 2020 guide, we mentioned that it's important to use data, but it's also as important to stand out. And that sometimes won't work, but that's what optimizing is for.

And this perhaps where Brax comes in for you with its bulk ad builder that allows you to get creative, while also allowing you to experiment, in a matter of few clicks.

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The Images You Use Matters a Ton!

The internet is going through an interesting stage right now as far as the quality of content is concerned. Taking great quality imagery and videos got much cheaper and affordable in the last few years, and that is beginning to show.

In 2020 you need to stop using illustrations and start using real photography.

It's very important for the success of your native ads.

Storytelling Is Now Key!!!

It's not just imagery that needs to be of high quality anymore.

Storytelling is now also key.Native advertising best practices, native ads practices, native ads techniques

People have higher expectations than ever as far as content.

You need to be a great storyteller, and you need to provide value.

These are the Native Advertising Best Practices for 2020

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