Native Advertising Market Share Q3 2015

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After reviewing twelve different countries and their native network use, it has been established that Outbrain has the largest market share in following eleven countries the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Spain, France, Israel, Italy, Mexico, and Japan. In Australia, Taboola has that largest market share. This data is for Q3 of 2015.

US Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in the US are,, and

Network Market Share
Outbrain 46.4%
Taboola 39.3%
Yahoo 5%
Content.Ad 4.3%
Rev:Content 2.6%
Gravity 1.9%
Other 0.5%


United Kingdom Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in the United Kingdom are,, and

Network Market Share
Outbrain 42.3%
Taboola 39.3%
Rev:Content 8%
Content.Ad 5.2%
MGID 2.7%
Gravity 1.3%
Yahoo 1.2%


Germany Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Germany are,, and

Network Market Share
Outbrain 94%
Rev:Content 3%
MGID 1.8%
Content.Ad 1%
Other 0.2%


Australia Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Australia are,, and

Network Market Share
Taboola 40.7%
Outbrain 39%
Rev:Content 9%
Content.Ad 6.3%
Yahoo 1.8%
Gravity 1%
Other 0.2%


Brazil Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Brazil are,, and

Network Marketshare
Outbrain 93.5%
Taboola 6.2%
Other 0.3%


Canada Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers Canada are,, and

Network Market Share
Outbrain 42.6%
Taboola 39%
Rev:Content 7.2%
Content.Ad 6%
Gravity 2.7%
MGID 1.7%
Other 0.8%


Spain Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Spain are,, and

Network Market Share
Outbrain 95.3%
Taboola 2.8%
Rev:Content 1.7%
Other 0.2%


France Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in France are,, and

Network Market Share
Outbrain 66%
Taboola 31.5%
Rev:Content 2.2%
Other 0.3%


Israel Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Israel are,, and

Network Market Share
Outbrain 55.5%
Taboola 37.4%
MGID 5.2%
Other 1.9%


Italy Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Italy are,, and

Network Marketshare
Outbrain 55%
Taboola 43.9%
Other 1.1%


Mexico Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Mexico are,, and

Network Marketshare
Outbrain 88.7%
Taboola 10.4%
Other 0.9%


Japan Native Advertising Market Share 


The top three advertisers in Japan are,, and

Network Marketshare
Outbrain 95.6%
Taboola 4.4%