Native Video Advertising Guide for 2020

By Brax Team Tips & Tricks

Native video advertising is one of the fastest growing segments of native advertising, which by itself is on a rise. $52.75 billion is expected to be spent on that segment in 2020, with over 37% of that being spent on native video ads.

Why? As while standard display ads are often ignored by people, video ads, on the other hand, they grab attention as they show you more.

Native Video Advertising Guide for 2020

The bottom line being that if you aren't currently investing any dollars into video, it's time to start now. And that's what we will show you in this native video advertising guide.

What Does Effective Native Video Consists of?

As you'll see in the examples of effective native video advertising for 2020 as you keep reading, you will see one thing that stands out between great ads and ads that you don't notice.


We all love a great story.

The best native ads are the ones that tell a story.

Take a look at this video created by Allegro, which is sort-of-a-blend between Amazon and Ebay.

It tells a story of a Polish Grandpa, who's son moved to the UK many years ago. His children now children, and those don't speak Polish. So the Grandpa orders a dictionary on Allegro. After a period of learning, he buys a suitcase on Allegro, and starts packing to see his son's child. It ends with a "Hi, I am your Grandpa" and well, you get a tear at the end.

Not only was this video used as an ad, but it also gained incredible organic reach with over 18 million views.

Why? As instead of just selling, there was a story there.

A story that ended up selling a lot more than an ad that people just briefly looked through.

Of course, how much you can do in a video ad will depend vastly on your budget, but there's plenty of amazing filmmakers around you that don't charge as premium as the companies that have been in this business for years. Reach out to them.

Golden Tip: When hiring some to do a video for you, don't just look for marketing skills. Look for storytelling skills.

And then utilize your marketing skills to direct someone in the right way.

Back flips are cool, but that's just it...

The First 6 Seconds Matter

72% of viewers will engage with long-format content once they watched the 6 seconds.

Think about ways that you can compel an audience to stay so you can then sell them in the later stage.

With a standard native ad you are limited as far as what you can show. With native video advertising, you can have the ability to make changes.

Make Your Native Ads Mobile Friendly

Data shows that people engage more with native video ads on their mobile devices.

Perhaps that's something to consider when creating your video.

Can you also make a more portrait oriented version that will show more of the screen?

Your Native Advertising Videos Need a Goal

What are you trying to achieve with your native video ad?

Is it awareness, sales, traffic, or leads generation?

Before you create a native ad, you need to know a purpose of it.

...If you just create something without knowing its purpose, it's going to create random results.

Mange Your Native Advertising Right

While your native videos need to be good, that's not the whole story.

It's also about how you go about your native advertising.

A great ad isn't automatically going to bring conversions if you don't use the data you get.

Are you reaching the right audience? Should you try to target a different audience? Are you on the right platform?

And this is where Brax comes in.

Brax is a tool for managing all your native ads platforms in one place whether that's Taboola, Outbrain, or one of the other many amazing ad platforms.

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Leading performance focused brands & agencies use Brax to create, optimize, and scale their native ads for a single reason. As it's more effective.

Not all the platforms will work as well for all kinds of videos, and that's why it's so important to experiment with what is working and what isn't.

Some Examples of Great Native Video Ads:

Germany's Women World Cup Ad - We Play for a Nation That Doesn't Even Know our Names

All of MasterClass Promo Native Ads

A great example of video native ads well done? MasterClass. Go through their entire YouTube page, and you will see just how well it is done.

Reebok 25,915 Days

What do you notice in all these native video ads? No random back flips, but a great story mixed with the right storytelling techniques mixed with the right tone, music, and text.

That's Your Native Video Advertising Guide for 2020

Native ads? There's a ton of ways to go about them, but the effective ones tell a story, and then are optimized right.

Want to get the most performance out of your native video ads? Sign up for a 15-day trial with Brax, to manage and test your ads, all from just one dashboard.