Revcontent Best Practices

By Mark Simon Best Practices


Revcontent is one of the fastest growing native advertising platforms in the world. To stand out you want to make sure your ads can perform above and beyond your competition. Brax can streamline everything and pop out ads in seconds. We’ve created a simple cheat sheet that will give you everything you need to make the perfect ads.

Technical Specifications:

Image Size 420x315 pixels
Max Headline Characters 80 characters
Recommended Minimum CPC Desktop $0.05
Recommended Minimum CPC Mobile $0.03
Recommended Minimum CPC Tablet $0.04
Minimum Budget $100
Location Targeting: Country
Device Targeting Desktop, Tablet (Android, iOS, Windows), Mobile (Android, iOS, Windows)
Maximum Ads Approved 40-50 Ads Per Account (No more than 10-15 ads per URL)
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images) Yes

Revcontent Tracking Tokens for Dynamic Insertion:

  • Always use these in the Boost Campaign tracking settings
  • Do not use them in the Destination URL of boost ads
Tracking Token Description
{CITY}  City
{STATE}  State
{COUNTRY}  Country
{BOOST_ID}  Boost Id (Campaign ID)
{CONTENT_ID}  Content Id (Ad ID)
{ACC_ID}  Account Id
{WIDGET_ID}  Widget Id
{ADV_TARGETS}  Advanced Targeting - Channel Name

Headline Dynamic Insertion Tokens:

  • These are available to use in your Boost Headline titles
Dynamic Text Token Description
{CITY}  City
{STATE}  State
{COUNTRY}  Country

Headline Best Practices:

  • Create curiosity with questions
  • Mix vague and specific statements
  • Pop culture and nostalgic references do well
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word in Title
  • Do not use period or other punctation at end of Title
  • Include City and State names using {CITY} and {STATE}
  • Capitalize first letter of Brand name
  • Brand name is limited to 30 characters

Targeting Tips:

  • Start with Topic targeting in most cases
  • Create separate Topic and Brand boosts (campaigns) for each piece of content
  • Always exclude low volume widgets
  • Only target one language per Boost
  • Create separate campaign Boosts for Mobile, Desktop and Tablet
  • Create separate mobile campaign boosts for each Operating System (Android, iOS, Windows
  • Track Target Channels using {ADV_TARGETS} in Campaign tracking (not ad level)
  • Track Widgets using {WIDGET_ID} in Campaign tracking (not ad level)

Campaign Boost Optimization Tips:

  • Block low CTR widgets after 3 - 7 days
  • Block low CTR Target Channels after 3 - 7 days
  • Only keep 5 ads active within a campaign boost at a time
  • Do not add more than 5 new ads per day to a campaign
  • Create new campaigns that exclude Target Channels with low CTR from previous campaigns
  • Boosts will be paused when your available balance is below $25
  • Campaign boosts that have exhausted the budget will show Inactive (in Revcontent) or Budget Limited (in

Ads Will Be Rejected:

  • Mismatched landing page URL
  • Any comments on an advertorial themed landing page should be truthful and authentic.
  • Advertorial theme LP’s must not have any use of the word “consumer” in a heading, title or URL.
  • Any reference or image of a news reporter, article writer, news format, news imagery, news URL or first person depiction of using a product or service that is not verified as authentic.
  • Advertorial theme LP’s must not have misleading links, such as Facebook branded links which don’t go to Facebook.
  • Revcontent doesn't allow the promotion of sites infected with malware, or the sale of malicious software.
  • Revcontent does not allow any claims relating to a dietary supplement, food, or drug involving weight loss
  • Revcontent doesn't allow the promotion of weapons or any devices designed to cause serious harm or injury.
  • Revcontent doesn't allow the promotion of child pornography, underage-themed pornography, non-consensual sex acts, or illegal sex acts. 

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