Revcontent Review: 5 Things Advertisers Need To Know

Are you looking for cheaper traffic that converts?

Do you want more granular targeting than Facebook, Outbrain and Taboola offer?

Do you want real-time data to optimize faster?

Alternatives to Google & Facebook generate enough money to make it worth the time are rare.

Testing a new traffic source requires ad spend and time setting everything up.

If an ad network doesn’t pan out; you may miss your goal for the month.

While “testing every ad network” may sound good in theory. You need a budget and a team. Even then 20% of your efforts yield 80% of the results.

Focus on that 20% of the effort.

One ad network that impresses me yet often goes unnoticed is Revcontent.

Why Use Revcontent?

There are five logical business reasons to use Revcontent to promote your offer.

  • Cheaper
  • Reaches 97% of United States
  • More granular targeting
  • Real-time data
  • Scales faster

Are those bold claims? Let’s take a look at each one.


Revcontent offers the lowest bid and smallest deposit.

The real proof is when you back out to a cost per action (CPA).

Follow a simple strategy over 90 days then compare your CPA to other sources. My bet is Revcontent is competitive with all your other paid media sources.


Quantcast estimates Revcontent reaches 97% of the United States.

What does that mean? Revcontent serves over 250 billion impressions per month.

Significant reach you miss out on by not using Revcontent.

Is it possible to access that inventory via Display or Adsense? Yes, at a higher cost.

Granular Targeting

To me, this is where Revcontent trumps Facebook, Outbrain, and Taboola.

Facebook offers 800 interest options compared to 3,000+ from Revcontent (3x more).

And you are reaching them at the right time; when they are looking for the next piece of entertainment.

Whitelist and Blacklists are something that Revcontent does better than everyone. Use templates to fast track success in your niche.

Here are the whitelist/blacklist options in Revcontent:

  • Placements (via Widget IDs)
  • Interest Topics
  • Brand (specific websites)
  • Geo
  • Device Type (including mobile OS)

Real-time Data

Revcontent data refreshes in near real time. Outbrain and Taboola’s data delay is 2-4 hours on a good day. This allows you to see initial results and optimize faster.

Real-time data is a huge advantage to get a competitive CPA.

Scales Faster

Ready to increase the budget for a working campaign?

Revcontent spends the new budget while maintaining CPA performance.

Another key to scaling is creating whitelist campaigns for top performing placements (widgets). Revcontent provides whitelisting & blacklisting during campaign creation. Never wait for an account manager to set up your whitelist campaigns.

How to Get Ahead?

Revcontent is a peek into the future of performance driven native advertising. Thousands of smart people are already profiting from Revcontent campaigns.

Advertisers are searching for an alternative to Facebook news feed changes. Native advertising is the most promising alternative.

Hurry before Revcontent goes from obscure to mainstream and CPC prices go up.

Go here to launch your first campaign on Revcontent.