Taboola Best Practices

By Mark Simon Best Practices


Taboola is one of the world’s biggest native advertising platforms. With over a billion visitors every month, you want to make sure your ad stands out above the rest. Brax has made thousands of ads on Taboola and created an easy cheat sheet that will make creating ads pain-free to save you time and money.

Technical Specifications:

Image Size 600x500 pixels or  150x150 pixelsfacebook_ad (1)400X300
Max Headline Characters 60 characters
Recommended Min. CPC Desktop $0.05
Recommended Min. CPC Mobile $0.04
Recommended Min. CPC Tablet $0.03
Minimum Budget $100
Location Targeting: Country, Region
Device Targeting Desktop, Mobile, Tablet
Maximum Ads Approved 25 Ads Per Day / Per Account
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images) No

Tracking Tokens for Dynamic Insertion:

  • Always use these in the Campaign tracking settings
  • Do not use them in the Destination URL of ads
Tracking Token Description
{site}  Publisher site
{title}  Ad title
{thumbnail}  Image filename
{platform}  Platform
{campaign_id}  Campaign ID
{campaign_item_id}  Campaign Item ID (Ad ID)
{conversion_callback}  Conversion Callback

Campaign Tips:

  • Create separate campaigns for each device: mobile, tablet, desktop
  • Test multiple creatives (headline & image combinations) for each piece of content
  • Only promote one piece of content / landing page per campaign
  • Create new campaigns every week
  • Start campaigns on different days of the week

Headline Tips:

  • Qualify and disqualify people with your headline
  • Set expectations with words like: watch, shop, save, buy, etc
  • Call out your product or service in the headline
  • Front load with intrigue: How-to, New Research, Exposed
  • Use numbers for lists
  • Questions create intrigue
  • Include intrigue and mysterious titles
  • Make a bold statement
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word

Image Tips:

  • Use an image at least 600x500 pixels
  • Include people in the image
  • Include Faces in the image
  • Test different colors of your product
  • Test including technical images such as measurement of shirt, shoes, etc
  • Use bright colors in your images

Ads Will Be Rejected:

  • Content that infringes or violates the rights of any third parties, including any copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity, or other personal or proprietary rights.
  • Content that is false, deceptive, or misleading.
  • Content that may be illegal in any applicable jurisdiction or that promotes illegal activity.
  • Content that is hateful, discriminatory, abusive, intolerant, obscene, offensive, exploitative, harassing, threatening, or inciting violence.
  • Content that promotes dangerous, violent, or harmful behavior or that we feel may otherwise cause harm to our users for any reason.
  • Nudity or pornographic content.
  • Content with excessive profanity or offensive language.
  • Any content that is otherwise objectionable to us.

Taboola Recommendations & Infographic:

5 Headlines Tips & Tricks

Numbers, Digits, Lists

Having your headline start with a number helps the headline to stand out. Remember headlines are worth 90% of the advertising dollar.


Humans are usually very cynical when it comes to information.

Often people jump at a chance to read about how we're being manipulated or deceived. Writing headlines that prove that we're being lied to or cheated are perfect for getting you to click.

Education And Learning

The information should be useful enough to benefit the reader.

People are mostly online to quickly gather information or learn something new. Many successful headlines that use the "how to" format but coming up with creative ways to present a "how to" will make your headline stand out of the crowd.

Sense of Urgency

Make the reader feel like they're missing out if they don't read your content.

This rule can't always be used but if you can do it well, it works wonders. If you can get the reader to stop and wonder, and need to read the article to find out then your headling ad works.

Be Specific But Mysterious

The headline should be super specific to let the customers know whether or not the offer you're presenting is interesting to them.

Provide enough specific information to compel the readers to continue reading but don't give away all the content in the headline. Have some mystery to pique the reader's interest and have them click through to find out the answer.

3 Image Tips & Tricks


Photo Relevance

The image accompanying the ad needs to be relevant to the post.

The 93% of the most engaging posts have a creative spin on the image the headline is referring.

Multiple Images For The Same Headline

A/B test your images to see which combination of headlines and ads work best.

You might have a killer ad headline but if the image doesn't speak to the reader they may not be inclined to click through your ad. Using multiple ads and seeing which combination of ads and images work best to get the most out of your money.

Use Faces

Faces draw attention and the most CTR.

People look at faces if facial expressions are used properly to evoke the emotion you want in your audience. Turning the face towards your product or call to action can attract enough attention to the reader so that they will click.

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