Brax Walk Through

By Shane Brown Webinars

Take a tour of the latest features of Brax in this video. You're going to love this!



In the video, we do a quick overview of all its features including:

  • Integrations & networks you can connect.
  • Creating campaigns and ads.
  • Cross pushing ads across campaigns and networks.
  • Reporting and customization of columns.
  • Power editor and bulk changes to campaigns.
  • Data import and adding revenue/conversion data.
  • Rules and how to optimize automatically.

Brax allows you to optimize your campaigns from various native ad networks in one dashboard. Have a look at our optimization tips for the most popular native ad platforms:


Again this video is meant as a quick introduction to all of the Brax features. If you would like a deeper drill down or to discuss any of the following items, email

  • Demo of Brax features.
  • Different tips on how to use Brax.
  • Scenarios on how to launch a new campaign.
  • Questions on tracking and dynamic parameters.
  • The future of Brax and its roadmap.

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