Crucial B2B Sales Lead Generation Strategies to Apply in 2020

By Brax Team Tips & Tricks

B2B is a completely different story to B2C. The audience is completely different. You most likely aren't going to cold email a B2C user, but you might DM them. That's why we made this 3-step B2B sales lead generation strategies guide.

Crucial B2B Sales Lead Generation Strategies to Apply in 2020

1. Think about the Goal of Your B2B Sales Lead Generation

Are you purely looking to increase your B2B lead generation? Or are you more interested in turning leads into customers?

It's often hard for businesses to decide which they want more because while getting 30 quality leads might be more effective than a thousand standard leads as far as sales, we all like to see big numbers...

...But if you are focusing on getting those leads into customers, you will want to focus on quality.

When coming up with a B2B strategy, this is a super important aspect to think about. And for 68% of B2B's, this is already a top priority.

2. Choose the Type of Content You Will Use in Your B2B

There's many types of content you can use in your B2B sales lead generation strategies.

We'll go over some of the most used ones now:

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the most used ways to generate leads.

This is what we are doing right now.

We are providing (you) helpful content which you then find by searching for a solution to your problem on Google. That's a high-quality lead as you searched for this exact solution.

Not all blogs work because it really does go down to quality, and also patience, but if you are in for lead generation, in the long-term, blogging is a great to do it.


  1. Huge long-term benefits when content starts ranking.
  2. Organic reach.
  3. Less money spent on leads.
  4. Increases trust of potential leads that are thinking of buying from you, whether they found you through a blog, or not.


  1. It's not as simple as great content. Things like website rankings and many other factors matter.
  2. Takes time to rank. Some content can even take a year to start ranking, meaning you need patience.
  3. No results right away. Unlike with ads, you don't have as much input.

2. Cold Emails

Cold emails consist of emailing companies and can be a super effective way of reaching people, if you do it right.

This mostly goes down to whether you invest enough time into your cold emails.

Are you going for quality or quantity?

You will need some quantity in cold emails too, but quality is super important.

Crucial B2B Sales Lead Generation Strategies to Apply in 2020

People don't like to read emails that don't sound like they are written just to them. Make sure to spend some time on that.


  1. Effective way to ensure you reach whoever you want to reach.
  2. Gives you full control over what your recipient sees.


  1. Manual work.
  2. Requires you to write great cold emails.
  3. A ton of research needed for results.

When it comes to cold emailing, you might find MailTag useful for tracking your emails.

3. Native Ads

Companies? They consist of people that also view ads. And this is where native ads prove to be the most useful as far as generation leads.

Display ads are also an option but if you read our Native Ads VS Display Ads post, you will know why they are not worth spending time on.

Display ads are rarely ever recognized by people, meanwhile native ads, they mostly blend in with other organic content, while also being more appealing than display ads.

Most importantly, they bring results right away.

...If you do them right.

And this is where Brax comes in.

Instead of utilizing all the different platforms for ads and testing out which one works better, and which one doesn't, all manually, Brax connects all of the native ads platforms you will want to use, in one place, allowing you to squeeze out the most ROI out of your spending.

Try it out for 15 days, and see how the effectiveness of your ads on your B2B sales leads generation changes.Brax_Product_2


  1. They work right away.
  2. In depth customization allowing you to reach the right people.
  3. A ton of insights allowing for optimization to reach people even better.


  1. Unlike blogging, they only works as long as you keep paying.
  2. They cost.


But the reality is that there's much more than just that available. You can also make LinkedIn posts where all the professionals are already on. You can get your software featured on sites like Product Hunt or get people to make reviews of it.

There's a ton of options that aren't known yet, or not shared, and none of them are wrong.

Whatever works, works.

3. Experiment

Nothing is going to work well forever.

Just like that just because we didn't mention at tip in this guide, it doesn't mean that it's not effective for getting B2B leads.

...But you won't know until you experiment.

With ads you can use Brax to get all the insights and to maximize the spending on your ads. With cold emails, you can get email tracking data. And yes, you can get data with blogs too. Try out different types of content and see what's working. And if it's not, then modify.

That's what the world's most effective B2B sales lead generation strategies consist of. It's about constant experiments and adjustments.

B2B Sales Lead Generation Strategies Are That Simple

If you want to get more leads, you first need to think about your goals, then you need to decide on the platform(s) and lastly, you need to customize based on the insights you are getting.

And you can do all of that with Brax. Test out thousands (or hundreds depending on your needs) ads with our ad builder, and then optimize to get the most out of your dollars. Try it out for 15 days with a trial and see how much of an impact it has on your ads. 


That's the world's simplest and most effective B2B sales strategy.