Google Analytics Integration & Venezuela Sprint Release Notes

By Khaled Azar Webinars

The following is a video that reviews our Venezuela Sprint Release  feature list as well as our latest Google Analytics Integration.



Google Analytics Integration from Brax

Venezuela Sprint Release Notes

  • New Features:
    • Google Analytics Integration
      • Connect your account just like you connect through Yahoo Gemini.
      • Access to Important Fields: Sessions, Pages, Pages / Session, Avg Session Duration, Bounce Rate, Goal 1, Goal 2
      • Data Available right from the Campaign Performance Page (after connecting a view through Integrations)
    • Ad Improvements
      • Push selected Ads only from an Ad Group (instead of pushing the entire group every time)
      • Duplicate Ad Groups and apply Destination URL to the new group
        • Added Option to do the same for Revcontent and Yahoo specific Ad Fields (brand, content type, company name, display URL)
  • Known issues now resolved
    • Rate Limiting
      • Pushing Groups of Ads will not be denied for too many calls sent too quickly. This will now succeed similar to the other networks.
    • Ad History Widget on Dashboard updated
    • Publisher Performance Data from Outbrain updated
    • Ad Creation
      • Create ads in two windows at the same time
      • Create ads as the same user logged in to two places
      • Removing headlines with some or all ads not showing up in group after creation
      • Apply Destination URL & other fields to new ads when adding ads to a group
    • Revcontent Device targeting upon updating a campaign with All Device Targeting
    • Performance
      • Upgrades to servers and configurations for higher resilience