What Is Revcontent and How Does It Work?

By Joanne Maisch

Revcontent-websiteWhat is Revcontent? This post will help you understand what it is and how it helps advertisers to reach engaged and relevant audiences  


Incredible as it seems today, there was a time before sponsored content and “You might also like” articles. Online advertising was largely hit-or-miss before native ad companies started allowing advertisers to position their content in front of the consumers most likely to engage based on specific demographics.

That’s where Revcontent comes in.

Founded in 2013, Revcontent is one of the newer—and leading—native advertising platforms, and a great way to focus ad spend on engaged and relevant consumers.. Rather than asking “What is Revcontent?” it’s more relevant to ask how Revcontent works, and how it’s different from other native advertising platforms like Outbrain, which we recently profiled in this article: What is Outbrain and How Does Outbrain Work?

To understand Revcontent, you need to know how a well-crafted native advertising campaign can encourage engaged and relevant consumers to click through to a chosen landing page or microsite.

Seeing the bigger picture

It’s widely recognized that consumers don’t react to traditional online advertising. Interstitial ads are often prevented from displaying by ad-blocking software. Hover ads can downgrade an entire site’s SEO performance. And consumers have become increasingly blind to conventional banner ads. Native advertising is a far more discreet and effective way of positioning sponsored content within the pages of media platforms and social media websites.

Revcontent usually distinguishes its native ad content with a simple “You may also like” or “Around the web” banner. This shows that the subsequent content isn’t part of the host site’s own content, while encouraging audiences to click through with colorful or intriguing images and attention-grabbing headlines. The advertiser is only charged once a consumer clicks through, with an advertiser-set cost per click determining how prominently (and frequently) each company’s ads are displayed.

Putting you in the driver’s seat

In the eight years since its inception, Revcontent has built relationships with numerous media outlets, ensuring its ads appear in front of large global audiences. Premium publishing partners include MSN, History, Newsweek, and Forbes. Revcontent ads load quickly, with fully customizable native widgets that allow each partner platform to match aesthetics with its own editorial content.

However, the true power of Revcontent native ads lies in the hands of advertisers. You can target and optimize Revcontent ads by criteria ranging from ZIP and region to device and operating system. This granular targeting allows you to micromanage campaigns and experiment with A/B testing, refining current campaigns to optimize upcoming ones. This is supported by reporting tools that allow you to make intelligent decisions based on click-through rates, pageview data, budget pacing, and more.


Support in all the right places

Revcontent acknowledges that the online advertising market isn’t without its issues. That’s why there’s 24/7 access to account management and support teams, helping underperforming campaigns improve their return on ad spend. Revcontent native ads are protected against bots and fraudulent users, ensuring you don’t have to pay for wasted click-throughs. And real-time reporting minimizes the risk of wasting money on ineffectual platforms or campaigns.

Campaign performance can often be significantly improved by taking granular control over bid positions on a site-by-site basis, rather than applying a one-size-fits-all strategy to multiple media outlets and social sites. An LA gym is clearly better off publishing native content on the Los Angeles Times website than on the Miami Herald site. Revcontent has partnerships with both, but one will drive more effective leads than the other. Our guide to improving the performance of Revcontent ads goes into this in more detail.

Picture perfect?

One of the biggest challenges faced by anyone embarking on a native advertising campaign is creating compelling ads that people will want to click on. This is especially challenging in today’s mature marketplace. Revcontent makes ad construction child’s play through its self-service platform, but you’ll still need to source dynamic images and develop compelling headlines to drive traffic to your chosen landing page or online resource. This recent Revcontent blog offers advice on creating engaging headlines and choosing the perfect pictures for your next campaign.

Rival schools

Of course, Revcontent isn’t the only platform capable of supporting effective native advertising campaigns. We recently reviewed Taboola.

Brax’s industry-leading native ad management suite lets you manage and optimize campaigns across all the big native platforms, including Revcontent and the main Revcontent competitors. You can find out more about how our software works by getting in touch with us.