Yahoo! Gemini Best Practices

By Mark Simon Best Practices


Yahoo Gemini is the unified marketplace from Oath that brings together the power of both search and native ads together - across Yahoo and AOL properties and publisher partners.  Making sure your ads show up properly is important to help drive people to your site.

Here are some quick tips; if you are interested in a deep dive check out How to Use Yahoo Gemini

Technical Specifications:

Image Size 1200x627 pixels, 627x627 px and 180x180 px
Max Headline Characters 50 characters
Max Description Characters 150 characters
Minimum CPC Desktop $0.05
Minimum CPC Mobile $0.05
Location Targeting: Country, City, State, DMA
Device Targeting Desktop, Mobile (Can’t target separately)
Annotations (Circles or Arrows Images) No


Headline Tips:

  • Numbered lists perform well
  • How To content & videos perform well
  • Mix something very specific with something vague.
  • Use unique rationale
  • Celebrities are always popular
  • Questions help entice the reader through curiosity
  • Negative words perform better than positive words
  • Evoke a high-arousal emotion such as excitement
  • Use the target audience in the headline
  • Use demonyms to connect to local audiences
  • Brand mention aid in recall
  • Using Title 1 only you get 50 characters
  • Get an extra 10 characters by using Title 1 and Title 2 (30 characters each)

Photo Image Tips:

  • Start with a 1200x627 image
  • Use relevant photographs over clipart
  • Photographs over logos
  • People-based images are more engaging
  • Close-up photos of people’s faces over action shots
  • Carousel ads allow 3-5 images and stand out more

Device Targeting Tips:

  • Use a lower bid on mobile than desktop
  • Use supply groups to lower bids on groups 2 & 3
  • Supply group "a" = desktop
  • Supply group "b" = mobile
  • On mobile campaigns, decrease bids max amount on supply group 2a and 3a

Bidding Strategy Tips:

  • Setup conversion rules as soon as possible
  • Create a focus on clicks and focus on conversion campaign for each landing page
  • Create conversion rules for each step of your funnel: landing page, click to second page, add to cart, checkout, purchase, etc
  • Create custom audiences based on conversion steps using Include and Exclude
  • Age & Gender targeting that is not "All" only shows ads to logged in Yahoo users (Mail, Fantasy Sports, Finance Portfolio, etc)
  • Start a campaign with strict targeting, after a few days if you have a good CTR, expand the targeting
  • You might start with Women age 40-49, then a week later change to all ages and gender to get more impressions