7 Tips to Attracting the Perfect Customer

By Brax Team Best Practices, Tips & Tricks

Finding the perfect customer is necessary for every business to succeed in today’s modern world. There was a time when businesses wanted the secret to finding more customers, but the concept has changed over the past few years.

There is now a new school of thought which says that attracting the perfect customer leads to huge profits and gains rather than finding more customers. 

attracting perfect customer


So what is a Perfect Customer? 

A Perfect Customer is one who will benefit most from the business’s products or services; this person is the one who needs or wants what you are offering. Hence, the aim of the business reflects the customer’s needs.

Many businesses are missing out on the great potential of attracting their ideal customers. If you face a similar problem, then read on.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to attract the perfect customers for your business. Using the list below, you’ll find ways to attract the right customers that will bring in more profits.

Let’s get started!


1. Using the Strategic Attraction Planning Process

This is a distinctive marketing model and is applicable to everyone at any level in a company since each individual has a certain power to attract perfect customers to an organization and vice versa. 

The Strategic Attraction Planning Process emphasizes the fact that the companies should spend less time on finding new customers and should focus on building strong relationships with the existing customers. 

strategic attraction planning process


It focuses on customer retention; therefore, a strong bond with the existing clients leads to loyalty which is beneficial for any business and leads to huge profits.

The Strategic Attraction Planning Process is derived from the natural phenomenon—the law of attraction. Attraction acts as a pillar for creating a successful business. 

It is essential for you to provide clarity regarding your business. You should make sure that you’re true to yourself and to the client. The clearer you are about the aims of the business and its mission, the better it gets for you, as clarity leads to compatibility and attraction. This will bring in customers who are compatible with you and value your product or service. 


2. Understanding your Target Market

The foremost thing for any business is to know the target market. You should have complete knowledge of the target audience you’re catering to. If you have no knowledge of the target audience, then how can you serve them, or how can you solve their problems?


Target Marketing

In-depth knowledge of the target market allows you to offer the products or services according to the customer’s needs and wants, thus also providing solutions to their problems. This creates a good relationship with your ideal customer and leads to customer loyalty in the future.

target market2

 You can get to know your target audience in many ways. Here are some of the ways:

  • Forums: Forums are the first place that comes to mind. You can show up on those forums to see what the customers are talking about.

  • Social Networks: There is a high probability that the target audience you’ve been looking for is on social media, whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more. 

  • Surveys: The surveys are one of the best ways to gain valuable feedback from the customers. They allow you to understand the customer's perspective in a better way. For instance, you can ask about their demographics and buying habits. This helps you to cater to a specific audience. 
  • Evaluation of current or previous customers: Evaluating current or previous customers makes it easy for you to determine your target audience since you’ve already catered to them.

  • Researching your competitors’ target audience: This is a great tactic to gain a competitive edge as it allows you to determine the type of audience your competitors are targeting. 

Identifying the needs and wants of the customer

Once you’ve figured out the target audience, then the next step is to identify the needs and wants of your customer. Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to do it.  

You can search for hashtags on Facebook or Instagram that are relevant to your business. After determining your relevant hashtags, you need to keep an eye on the hashtags to find the discussions which are related to your business. 

Moreover, you can follow or like influencers on social media using your hashtags. Influencers have good expertise in the topics relevant to your business. You should look for influencers with a large following and can help you gain exposure to a broader and similar target audience.

Creating Content

The final step is to create content for your ideal customer. The content on your websites and social media pages should be about what your target market requires. This is what appeals to the audience and creates engagement. Moreover, you can also look at the keywords that are most searched by people on Google and create the content accordingly. 

So this is how content is created for your ideal customer—be patient, look for the trends, and know what they’re talking about. 

It’s essential to find out wherever your target audience is, and you should be there on a regular basis. 


3. Content Marketing

The demand for content marketing has risen dramatically over the past few years. Many businesses are using Content Marketing as it has become a new form of advertising.

It focuses on creating high-quality content which attracts a certain audience and increases engagement. The content is promoted through social media platforms and allows you to reach new customers.

content marketing-1


Let’s look at some of the ways you can use content marketing to gain potential clients. 


  •        Answer the questions your client is searching for

Clients are always looking for information that can make them decisive when purchasing a particular product or service. So once you answer those questions, it results in more queries. Therefore, it is a good tactic to create an attention-seeking headline while creating content.


  •        Create how-to videos and tutorials

You can use videos in your content since it is an effective approach to increasing engagement with your ideal customers. In the video, you can show them how your product or service works and how it can resolve their problems.


  •        Publish an e-book to generate leads

This is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business. E-books can be used as gated content and a form can be put behind it where customers need to give their contact details in order to access it.


  •     Share case studies and customer stories

You can share case studies and customer stories with your new clients as these can be excellent references. A successful case study or customer story is appealing to your new prospective clients since their experiences can encourage them to trust your business.


4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool and has become the single strongest force that attracts the perfect customer you’ve been looking for.

Most businesses use social media platforms to grow relations and attract customers. However, it is important to use the right strategies so that you can get more traffic and conversions.

social media


Here are some of the ways you can achieve the desired result.

  • Engage with people

The foremost thing to do on social media is to engage with people. One should not focus on selling only since it can be deemed in a negative light. It’s important to talk to people in a friendly and meaningful way. In order to find related conversations, you should make sure that the right keywords and hashtags are checked so you can get involved.

It can be done manually, or you can use an app like SocialMention. This app notifies you if any words come up related to your business.


  • Use exciting visual content (such as images and a well-thought-out logo)

Any business, whether small or large, needs a professional logo. It is essential for every business to have an eye-catching logo since it is of great significance to your brand identity. This is where recognition comes into play.

Aside from the logo, you should utilize images that make your audiences engage with you more.


  • Ask for recommendations

It is important for any business to ask for feedback from the customer. Word of mouth is a very powerful tool that needs to be utilized. You should always encourage the customers to leave a review as it can be later used on your social media in the form of a story or a post.

Since there are so many ads running online, it can be really difficult for the customers to know who to trust. Hence, recommendations and customer reviews make it easier for the customer to trust you as a business.


  • Have a consistent brand voice

A strong voice for your brand is an important aspect of marketing. You should remain consistent and keep it the same way on every channel you use. One should post links that customers find appealing and prompt them to share, as this will help you to boost traffic organically.


  • Run a competition

You can start a contest to increase engagement. Discounts can be offered, or an entry into a contest for liking or sharing a photo. This increases web traffic and makes sure that the customers will be more likely to trust your business.


  • Consider using paid ads

Paid ads are a key aspect of marketing. You can run various ads on social media or to create brand awareness, drive traffic, or get more signups. These ads are cost-effective; thus, you can reach a wider and broader audience. Moreover, you can also target a specific audience depending on your target customer.

Social media presence is vital for any business. It is very important to be active on social media so that you can stay in touch with your customers. You can encourage the customers to leave good feedback as this will boost your ratings. However, one should also always address any negative feedback by reaching out to your customer and checking how you can set things right. 

These kinds of things set a good example for other businesses to follow, and it shows that you care a lot about your customers. Customer satisfaction should be the top priority for any business to succeed.


5. Native Advertising

In advertising terms, native means ‘natural’. It is basically a message about a product or service via useful and interesting content for the users. These ads function very subtly, and their primary purpose is to provide value to the audience. 

This type of advertising is on the rise and is being widely used by many businesses. Native ads have three defining principles.



Let’s have a look at these major principles.

  • Direct paid opportunity

This means that the businesses have to pay in order to place their content on other social media platforms. This is also called Sponsored Content.

  • Information based rather than product-focused

The content in a native ad is usually informative and interesting and is targeted to a certain audience of the media channel. 

  • Delivered in stream

Native ads are featured in such a way that does not disrupt the user experience. The user can continue going through the content without any distraction since the ad does not affect their normal behavior.


A Native Edge

Native advertising provides a competitive edge since they’re created to give your content greater visibility. You might not receive that much visibility on your owned channels, but through native ads, it is visible to a broader audience which leads to more traffic.

Moreover, they outperformed traditional ads. There have been numerous studies that indicate even if a user is aware that the content was paid for, native advertising leads to a higher engagement as compared to traditional advertising. This is because the native ad is consumed in a natural way without disrupting the user.

Native ads also help you reach audiences that have developed banner blindness.


6. Carefully-Crafted Marketing Assets

This is fairly simple and one of the best strategies that are used to attract the perfect customers. You should mention the certain type of client you cater to on your website and social media platforms.  

For instance, GoPro focuses on a specific target market of professional athletes, photographers, and travelers. This brand doesn’t shy away from mentioning its target customers on any of its platforms.



From a buyer’s perspective, an interested buyer who fits in your target market will know that they are the target of the product or service you offer. You can easily capture their attention since you’ve clearly stated the type of client you cater to.


7. Use Email Marketing to Attract Interested Customers

The main benefit of this type of marketing is that you have a list of interested customers who are looking forward to your messages. This leads to a higher engagement which in turn leads to sales.

Some brands offer rewards for signing up, whereas some are willing to offer a discount on the next purchase if you sign up. The purpose is to keep the customers interested and updated regarding the promotions and new products.


However, in order to generate sales, you need to send out newsletters on a regular basis. You have to make sure that the format of your newsletter is professional and fits your brand. The tone and the logo need to be the same as used online and in-store. Again, consistency is key.

When using email marketing, you can use an email service called MailChimp to make things easier. This tool helps you design a template for emails, and you can select the template according to your brand's color theme. You can insert a logo and set the tone to create a perfect newsletter for your customers.

Moreover, it allows you to send emails to your entire list right away rather than sending them to each customer one by one, which can be very time-consuming. This saves time and is a professional way to roll out. 


Final Thoughts

Since you’ve read what tips work best to attract the perfect customer. It’s time to start practicing them. You should start by using the easiest and simplest strategy and see where it goes. It won’t be long before this brings in fruitful results for you.

If the problem persists, Brax's expert team is always here to offer a helping hand, especially when it comes to marketing. Send us a message today!