How to Add a Holiday Twist to your Native Ads (with Examples!)

By Ferdie L. Eusebio Best Practices, Native Advertising

The holidays such as Christmas and New Year are great times to promote your business, but if you are using the same old tactics, you will not see the results you want.

If you want to see some improvement this year, try adding a holiday twist to your native advertising! This way, you can naturally capture the festive spirit of web users with the help of native ads.

holiday themed native ads


This blog post will discuss tactics you can take advantage of to incorporate the holiday spirit in your native ads and use it to your full advantage!


Let’s get started!


Holiday Promotions using Native Ads

After creating holiday-themed content for your website, you want to make sure it is seen. One great way to do this is by adding a holiday twist to your native ads. 


Here are some ways to catch people's attention this season:


Make Your Product Relevant For The Holiday Season.


The Christmas season is the perfect time to introduce native ads in a witty, informative, entertaining, and fun way. The beauty of native advertising lies in its ability to blend content with subtle messages that actively promote a product or service without overly intruding upon the reader's experience. 


For Christmas-themed native ads, storytelling crafted from clever messaging and delightful visuals can create an unforgettable impact on readers. 


As one example, consider a fictitious company that produces specialty cakes for Christmas parties and events. 


To create an effective ad, this company could tell stories about hilarious office mishaps at festive Christmas gatherings — all framed within the context of their tasty cakes coming in handy to salvage the day — to engage readers and catch their attention. 


The point is that your products or services need not be Christmas or New Year-related for you to make it work during this season. You can be creative when incorporating your offerings within the season.


Take a look at this actual ad below:

christmas theme


The product is quick-dry paint, and the native ad mentions how the product can be used during the Christmas season. Clever, eh?


By telling emotionally engaging stories around seasonal topics through vivid imagery, humorous anecdotes, or user-generated content campaigns, brands can reach potential customers in a meaningful manner while achieving desired outcomes like brand awareness and website traffic.


Create Exciting (and Witty) Holiday Promos.


This is a must. Creating holiday promos native ads can be a tricky balance between entertaining and fun while also being informative. Knowing how to stand out in the ever-growing online world is key — and that’s where holiday promos come in. 


christmas deals


To do this effectively, consider utilizing an engaging aspect that resonates with your audience - visuals, videos, interactivity — because these are all great ways to ensure you get your brand’s message across. 


Be sure to keep it witty by dropping some fun facts into your headlines and having creative taglines in captions — whatever speaks to your target demographic. Additionally, make sure the tone of your content is appropriate; often, keeping it light works best when it comes to holidays! 


Lastly, a festive Call To Action will go a long way, whether it's a gift box filled with goodies or a special deal for the season that you can use to attract clicks on your native ads. With careful execution and strategizing holiday promos, native ads could be just the thing you need this festive season!


Provide Solutions to Holiday problems

As the holidays approach, it can be difficult to know where to start when getting ready for Christmas. From the presents to the decorations, there are plenty of tasks to complete in a short amount of time. Creating a native ad that provides a solution is a key to making a sale during this season. 


A native ad that provides customers with gift ideas and helpful information for navigating through the hustle and bustle of the season is a great way to close a sale during the holidays. Not only can customers find great gifts, but they also learn tips on how to get everything done between juggling family visits and planning meals. 


content 2

content-based topic


By giving customers access to easy ideas and tips on how they can get into the holiday spirit while simplifying their workload, they’ll be eager and appreciative of your helpful advice. Plus, with witty messaging and entertaining content, it will all make for enjoyable experience that viewers won’t forget. 


List Down Gift Ideas.

A great way to promote your products during this busy period is by creating a list article or listicle of your product offerings. Shopping for the holidays is an age-old tradition that many love, but sometimes finding the right gifts can seem daunting. 

That's why providing gift ideas on your e-commerce site during the holiday season is a smart move. Not only can it add to the customer experience by taking away some of the guesswork, but it also increases your chances of customers buying more from you as they are inspired and guided along the purchasing process. This will draw attention to what you have available, and it can be an entertaining and creative take on how to best market your items! 





Various gift ideas might include options for different family members, activities or locations to visit, popular products or trends for the season — basically anything that could help a customer make informed decisions when purchasing products on your site. 


Sharing creative images and funny descriptions, it’s sure to get customers excited about shopping with you. Plus, with the ease of ordering online this year, people are likely going to turn to list articles for inspiration for their holiday gift-giving. 


Create Localized Native Ads. 

At this time of year, many small businesses make an even bigger effort to decorate and become a place of holiday cheer. With this in mind, making sure your storefront stands out from the crowd is equally important.


Special decorations can help with that; add some lights, tinsel, garland and a big sign outside — it’s just the kind of thing people notice (and take pictures of!). Other festive additions inside might include Christmas-themed shelf displays and gift guides, giving more flavor to your physical store.




So how can ou incorporate this into your native ads? On top of the decorations, you can brainstorm unique ways to engage customers with deals tailored specifically to being in person at your store. In short, your native ads should encourage in-person visits.





For example, mention offers that encourage customers to come and visit your brick and mortar store, such as a free gift with any purchase or discount codes linked to their receipt that they can redeem online the following month.


Additionally, you can create content-based ads that encourage people to visit without actually telling them you are selling something. For instance, this example below about European Christmas markets mention on their landing page actual establishments to visit and what these businesses are known for during the holiday season.


local visits


With these ideas in mind, you’re ready to attract more customers and let them know what makes visiting your physical store so special during this season! All you have to do is make your landing page inviting and in line with the holiday spirit.


Express Holiday Delivery Offers. 

Holidays are notoriously famous for having super delayed product delivery. This is because highways across the globe are full of shoppers and delivery trucks trying to beat the holiday rush. This is a great feature to offer during the holidays — provided that you can actually do it. If you can, your business will stand out among other eCommerce websites during the festive season. 


Instead of running ads featuring all your various products and services, concentrate on the customers’ real problem during the holidays: getting their packages delivered on time. Many retailers gain new customers just by offering fast delivery!


christmas delivery 2

christmas delivery 2


Find a way to guarantee an express delivery and make it comforting for a customer in need. Make sure to use enticing visuals — holiday shopping graphics are both eye-catching and familiar. Touching on aspects like convenience, security, and special offers within your ad will ensure that your above-the-fold messaging is both relevant and engaging. 


Combine all these elements correctly, and you may just have crafted a masterpiece of a native ad that eliminates headaches for customers who are dreading long shipping times this holiday season.

By adding a holiday twist to your native ads, you’ll be able to reach new audiences and encourage them to click on the ads. And with the right discounts or offers, you can increase your website traffic and boost sales. 


But your Holiday-themed promotion should not end on the native ad — it only starts there.


Creating a Holiday-themed Content

As the holidays come, many businesses start to think about creating holiday-themed content for their website. While some businesses view this as a simple way to add some festive cheer, holiday-themed content can actually be a great way to engage customers and drive sales. 


To create holiday-themed content that packs a punch, here are a few tips:

1. Be festive but not too sales-y. 

The holidays are a time for the three Fs — family, friends, and fun – and not hard selling. When creating holiday-themed content, focus on adding some festive cheer to your website rather than trying to push products. This will help create a more positive association with your brand and encourage customers to come back even after the holidays are over. Also, create content on how you can solve specific holiday-related problems. If you can solve some of their problems, your website will surely get more visitors. 


2. Make it interactive. 

One of the best ways to engage customers is to making interactive content as the experience makes it easy to convince people to make a purchase. This could include adding interactive elements like quizzes or contests or simply making it easy for visitors to share your content with their friends and family. And the prize for participating? It could be in the form of free gift wrap up to a free service or product for a limited time. 


3. Keep it fresh. 

Just like the Christmas tree starts to look a little sad after a few weeks, holiday-themed content can quickly become stale if it’s not kept fresh and updated regularly. If you’re running a holiday promotion, make sure to update your website accordingly and keep the content fresh so that visitors have a reason to keep coming back.


By following these tips, you can create holiday-themed content that is both engaging and effective in driving sales. So get creative and start spreading some holiday cheer!


By doing the things listed above, you can make the most of the holiday season and create promotions that will help you stand out from the competition. 


Wrapping Up

Shoppers all over the world are looking for ways to save time and money. By adding a holiday twist to your native ads and your website, you can attract more shoppers and make it easier for them to find the perfect gifts. This is where your holiday-themed native ads will thrive this season.


To recap, one way to add a holiday twist to your website and your native ads is to offer exclusive deals and discounts. This will give shoppers an incentive to visit your site and take advantage of your sales. You can also highlight holiday-themed products on your homepage or in a special section of your website.


Another way to add a holiday twist to your website is to offer free shipping or other perks. This will make it more convenient for shoppers to purchase from your site, and it will show that you're generous enough to give them a little extra this holiday season. You can also offer gift-wrapping services, add personalized messages, or include holiday cards among orders.


Finally, you can add a festive touch to your website by decorating it with holiday colors and images (not just your physical store!). This will put shoppers in the holiday spirit and make them more likely to browse and purchase items from your site. You can also include holiday music or videos on your site to add some festive cheer.


By adding a holiday twist to your website and native ads, you can attract more shoppers and make it easier for them to find the perfect gifts. With some creativity and planning, you can make your site the go-to destination for all of their holiday shopping needs and your ads their ultimate link to the best shopping deals this season. 


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