How to Optimize Your Native Ad Campaigns More Efficiently - Brax Webinar

By Khaled Azar Resources



Links to Articles in Video

-  Brax and Google Analytics: How to set-up tracking UTM tags like a pro
-  Native Advertising Optimization Guide - Example Rules for Brax
-  Setting Up Voluum Tracking With Native Ad Networks & Google Analytics
-  How To Automatically Optimize Native Advertising Campaigns - Running Brax Rules Automatically

Webinar Description

Go beyond ad creation and learn how to optimize campaigns using several advanced features tucked inside your Brax account.

There are four steps to automate campaign optimization covered:
- Matching revenue to cost data
- Exploring limits for adjustment
- Create rules based on defined limits
- Automate rules

First we cover matching revenue to cost data from multiple sources:
- Google Analytics
- Adsense or AdX
- Voluum
- Internal data (Excel file)

Next is creating calculated metrics such as profit, return on ad spend, etc to make it easy to explore for campaign optimizations.

How to automate changing bids at the publisher level across each network
- Taboola Site bid adjustments
- Outbrain Publisher blocking & Section bid adjustments
- Revcontent Widget blocking & Target bid adjustments

Automating Rules using API & Postman
- Take everything you do and run it on a schedule automatically
- This is the really fun part!