Repurposing Facebook Ads to Native Ads: Why Should You Do It and How

By Jairene Cruz-Eusebio

As you may already know, setting up ad campaigns on various platforms requires different strategies — but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it easier.

You don’t have to start from scratch all the time, as there are ways to streamline your advertising methods. To save time and effort, you can always repurpose your Facebook Ads to Native Ads.

repurposing facebook ads to native ads


What Does It Mean When You “Repurpose”?

In this case, repurposing means you take an existing ad campaign and change a few things so it would be compatible with the new platform you want to use. Creating Facebook Ads is pretty easy, especially now with the help of the Facebook Business Manager, as you can have your ads ready with just a few clicks.


Getting the best ads and using them on a different platform can be pretty easy, too. Facebook ads can be repurposed into native ads by tailoring them to match the platforms you're using. This will help you save time and money while still reaching your target market.


If you use Brax, repurposing social media ads for native advertising is pretty easy too, since you can access your ads from various traffic networks in a single dashboard.


Why Should You Repurpose Ads?

There are a few good reasons why you should consider repurposing your Facebook Ads for Native Ads, and here are some of them:


1. Convenience

For one, it can save you time and effort. As mentioned earlier, creating Facebook Ads is pretty easy, but if you want to create ads for other platforms as well, you need to learn the ropes for each one. Repurposing your Facebook Ads makes the process a lot simpler, as you only have to change a few things to make them compatible with the new platform.

You already spent a lot of time creating a good ad on Facebook, but now you also want to diversify and use other channels. You can of course do so by starting with a blank slate, but can you imagine how inconvenient that would be to just use what you already have?


This is where repurposing ads come in handy, as you can simply reformat your ads using the same assets and turn them into Native Ads.


2. Tried and Tested

One of the benefits of reusing Facebook Ads in other ad campaigns is that you will already know which aspects of your ads work and which don’t. This means l you can pick whichever worked best in your Facebook Ads and combine and reformat them into a Native Ad. This way, you will have better chances of creating a more successful ad campaign.


Come to think of it, social media ads are native ads, too, since the ads are "native" to the platform and don't intrude on the user experience. These features are just some of the reasons why native ads trump banner ads.


Native ads have a click-through rate that is four times higher compared to traditional banner ads. These ads are also less likely to be blocked by adblocking software. This is due in large part to their ability to blend in with the other content within the website.


3. Maximize the Use of Your Marketing Copies

This is one of the best reasons why repurposing Facebook Ads for Native Ads is beneficial, as your main aim when creating an ad campaign should always be to gain more conversions.


It makes a huge difference, especially if you’re paying someone else to create your marketing copies. Since you already own your creatives, you can just reuse them and avoid any additional costs for your business.


Fewer expenses for other matters mean more budget for advertising.


4. Keeping Up With Your Competition

You know it takes time to create ad campaigns, and the more time you waste on creating something from scratch, the more time is taken away from you into focusing on other aspects of your business. 


At the same time, while you’re busy starting over every time you create ads, your competitors will have already released multiple ad campaigns — bringing their businesses to the forefront, and getting more attention from potential customers.


So if you want to save time and effort, make more money, avoid expenses, and increase conversions, reusing Facebook ads for native ads is definitely worth a shot.


How Do You Repurpose A Facebook Ad To Native Ad?


repurposing facebook ads to native ads 2


Native advertising is an emerging form of online advertising that marries the concept of "advertorial" with display ads.


As we've mentioned above, technically, a Facebook Ad can be considered as a Native Ad, since it appears seamlessly in a user’s feed as if it were “native” content on the platform. That being said, Facebook isn’t the only platform that would allow you to advertise in this manner.


Native Ads can appear on any website or platform, which means all you have to do to turn a Facebook Ad into a Native Ad elsewhere is to match the format of the other channel you’d be using.


To do so, you can follow the steps below to modify a Facebook Ad and turn it into a Native Ad.


Refocus And Reimagine

To make it more appealing, Native Ads must mimic or resemble other existing content on the platform, while at the same time providing an "entertaining experience" for the user. 


This means that you will have to re-imagine your ad as it would appear on the other platforms you’ll be using. This will help you prepare and rearrange your ad elements so that each native ad would get better engagement.


Rewrite Your Headline

One key difference between a Facebook Ad and a Native ad is that the headlines are presented differently. On a Facebook Ad, apart from the main headline, you get to add some text to make it look like a normal Facebook post.


A native ad, on the other hand, can only allow a few lines of text as a headline. As in any advertising content, your headline should be short and concise, yet at the same time informative and interesting.


Reuse Images and Videos

Now to the easy part: in most cases, you wouldn’t have to modify your images and videos from a Facebook Ad to fit a Native Ad — simply because the native ad platforms can already do this for you. You will just have to drag and drop or upload your images and videos.


You might need to do a little cropping here and there, but ultimately you can just reuse the assets as they are.


Retain Your Branding Elements

Branding elements can be the colors, icons, images, videos, tone of voice, and other aspects of your content. Any asset you use for a Facebook Ad can of course be modified to fit a Native Ad better, but in doing so, make sure that the branding elements remain the same. 


This will allow you to get better brand recognition, while at the same time giving your ad campaigns a clean and organized look.


Release Your Campaign On Your Preferred Channel

Native Ads work best when served up to a highly engaged audience that is already familiar with your brand. 


Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out which websites will work best for your native ad campaigns, as tools and platforms for those already exist. Once ready, you can simply release your ads through native ad platforms like Taboola and Google AdSense.


Additional Points To Consider

Repurposing your existing Facebook ads into native ads offers you the chance to build upon what you already know is working with no additional effort or expense. That being said, make sure to also take note of the following additional points when you are switching from Facebook to Native Ads on other platforms.


  • Campaign Objectives

Native Ads offer audiences a more immersive experience, blending in with the look and feel of your content (text, images, video) while still remaining highly visible to them. At the same time, Native ads also follow the same rules as regular Facebook Ads in terms of targeting, budgeting, scheduling, and other aspects. With this in mind, you can tailor your campaign objectives to match the platforms for your native ads.


  • Consistency And Traceability

Consistency in both posting frequency and content creation gives your business an advantage over other similar brands. As any digital marketing expert would tell you, consistency is key in succeeding in your ad campaigns.

Tracking and testing your native ads are also essential, as this will help you plan for your next advertising strategy.


  • Building Trust

You probably already know this, but trust is the number one thing that you should aim to get out of any ad campaign. You could of course have a lot of other campaign objectives, and that’s great, but you should keep in mind that at the very least, you need to build trust among your customers.


  • Brand Image And Messaging

Being clever about how you repurpose your ads can not only save you time and money, but could even contribute to building a better brand image for your business. The way you present your business, including what kind of message you send out to the world, makes a lot of difference in creating successful native ads.


All small to medium business owners know that advertising is a necessary evil. The goal, of course, is to spend as little money and effort as possible while still reaching your target market. Repurposing existing Facebook ads into native ads is a surefire way to help you optimize your ad campaigns, regardless of the platform you use.


Whether you're just getting started with social media advertising or want help optimizing them, let us know and we'll be happy to partner with you! Our team is always available 24/7 so all our clients can get in touch at any time for assistance with managing Facebook ads and native ads in one platform — Brax.

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