Best Ad Arbitrage Niches to Focus On (with Real Native Ads Samples)

By Ferdie L. Eusebio

Working with the right ad arbitrage niches is a great way to bring in money quickly. If you are a newbie in digital marketing looking to try your hand at making some extra cash, attempting to optimize your ad arbitrage business might be the solution you need. 

Earn Money from the Best Native Ad Arbitrage Niches to Focus On Today


But here's the difficult part — deciding which niche to focus on. This can seem tricky and daunting, as there are so many options out there, and it could ultimately waste both time and money if you don't guess correctly. 


Fortunately, we've done all of the research for you and have identified which niches will yield maximum profits. But before all that, let’s answer one important question…


What is Ad Arbitrage?

Ad arbitrage is a term for publishers that earn money from native ads by purchasing website traffic. So, if you have a recipe blog or advice website, you can insert native ads into your content or show display ads to profit from it. 


It may also mean purchasing native ad traffic to earn from display or banner ads shown on your website. Either way, it involves buying traffic and earning from it with a higher-priced ad on your website.


buy and sell ads


In money language, you buy $1 of traffic to earn $2 from native ads (for example).


Native ad arbitrage requires creators to think strategically about where and when they place advertisements. This can include targeting users based on their interests, browsing habits, location, and other factors that have significantly increased viewership of advertised content. 


Creators also have the freedom to experiment with other online advertising methods, such as display ads and sponsored social media posts – among others – further to drive traffic to their websites.


With this income stream taking off over the last few years (the last decade, actually), there's no surprise that savvy entrepreneurs are choosing ad arbitrage as a specific area of focus for their businesses due to its cost-effectiveness and potential return on investment.


However, native ad arbitrage isn't for the faint-hearted. But if done right, it can be an incredibly powerful revenue stream.


How to Look For the Best Niches to Focus On Ad Arbitrage

Now that we have established that ad arbitrage does work, the next thing to put your mind on is looking for the best niches to focus on. 


A niche site is a website that focuses on a specific group of people or subjects. It can be about anything under the sun: business, food, relationships, travel, fitness, style, animals, or something unique.


Finding the best niches for ad arbitrage can be tricky, but it could also be extremely lucrative if done correctly. Firstly, it’s important to ask yourself a few questions:


  • Is this niche profitable enough? 
  • Is the existing market well-developed? 
  • What do I know about my competition in this niche? 
  • Are people looking for solutions to their problems in this niche? 


Once you’ve answered those questions, it’s time to look at other factors that may determine which niches will work best with your ad arbitrage strategies. It’s also wise to research what content is already out there and find ways to create something different – or better – than what’s currently available. 


Look at the current level of engagement and consider underserved areas with a high potential for monetization. Also, consider researching how responsive a particular demographic is and whether they typically take action when presented with an offer. 


Finally, think about creative and innovative ways to promote content to capture even more attention from potential consumers. With all these tips in mind, finding the perfect niche for your ad arbitrage efforts should become far more manageable.


What are the Best Niches to Focus On In Ad Arbitrage?

Navigating the world of ad arbitrage could be an exciting opportunity to reap financial success. As an aspiring digital entrepreneur, knowing what role to focus on and what niche to delve into is key. 


You may encounter challenges as you figure out your strategy. With some research and trial and error, you can uncover the perfect competitive advantage that will position you at the forefront. This can require a dedicated effort to studying the market and staying up to date on new trends while testing out optimal approaches, topics, and angles. 


Still, ultimately, it leads to maximizing your earning potential from ad arbitrage opportunities. So get ready to get your hands dirty in data crunching – once this is done effectively, you'll find yourself well on your way to becoming a digital mogul!


Here are some of the profitable topics and niches that you may want to get your hands on:


All About the Home

Home is a great topic to focus on for ad arbitrage and presents countless opportunities for brands looking to capture their target audience’s attention, interest, and loyalty. Home-related topics indeed have broad appeal, making them suitable for targeting a variety of user types with ease. 


But beyond just driving clicks or conversions, leveraging home themes in ads can also promote user engagement and loyalty by providing information and necessary tips related to household needs and the latest trends.


all about the home


From inspiring ideas on home decor projects to highlighting furniture or appliance promotions, this topic delivers a wide variety of engaging content that users won’t find hard to connect with. Home sweet home indeed!


Here are some of the niches that you can focus on under home:


Home Improvement

Home improvement topics are relatively safe topics to invest in since they tend to appreciate over time. Even in economic uncertainty, the housing market remain relatively stable since people need places to live regardless of job prospects or financial situations. In short, you can always expect someone to read such articles and see your ads.

home improvement


Best House Designs

Best house design is an ever-evolving field that can help you achieve success and make money. Focusing on the best house designs also allows for more creativity in designing ads. You can use unique visuals or writing styles that are tailored toward the audience you are targeting. 

house design

DIY Home Building or Home Improvement

Amateurs and professionals are joining the DIY movement, making it an increasingly attractive niche for home ad arbitrage. The key is to create ads and content that speak to this user base, with helpful tips and inspiring ideas tailored to their interests. Take tool retailers, for example! 


Advertising a range of must-have items specially curated to meet the needs of any home improvement project stands out from the competition, as it further taps into the DIY spirit and helps viewers complete their projects in record time. 




Those savvy enough to capitalize on DIY advertising stand to draw in crowds – if done right – paving the way for increased brand recognition and higher customer engagement rates. By focusing on this specialized niche, advertisers can reach users actively looking for DIY solutions and convert them into leads. This is a highly effective way of driving sales as these consumers may be more likely to purchase based on their research.



Sports is a great topic for ad arbitrage because it is an incredibly popular and engaging area for many web users. By targeting this type of user, advertisers can create ads that feature exciting news, interesting facts, inspiring moments, or helpful tips related to sport – all to entice viewers to click through and engage with their content and, eventually, their ads. 



For example, an advertiser offering sports equipment could create an ad featuring their top 5 "must-have" items for any passionate athlete. This type of content would not only help drive clicks and conversions but also generate leads by providing valuable content that viewers are interested in. 


Additionally, focusing on this type of niche allows advertisers to target users who may be researching sports-related topics – making it an effective method for businesses to reach potential leads and drive sales.


Here are some niches that you can focus on in sports:



With over 100 million viewers tuning in to the regular NFL season and more than 150 million more watching the Super Bowl, it's no wonder that NFL is an ideal niche for sports ad arbitrage. Advertisers can tailor their ads to this huge audience – featuring exciting news, interesting facts, inspiring moments, or useful tips related to the NFL – all to attract clicks and engagement with their products or services. It’s a fan’s paradise! 


With so many people out there who would love to show off their favorite team's gear, this move is sure to bring hot leads and boost sales.



The world of sports arbitrage is filled with potential and promise, especially when it comes to hopping on the NBA bandwagon. The NBA is an ideal choice for a savvy sports arbitrageur due to its huge fan base and enormous liquidity. 


Due to its popularity, website publishers even promote sport betting affiliate programs, which pay rather well! Not only does this make it easier to buy in and out quickly, but it also helps prevent any drastic line changes when bets are placed. 




Top that off with all the relevant data available such as game formations, playing styles, injuries, and more, and you've got yourself a great recipe for success. So if you're looking for a potential goldmine, consider taking your sports ad arbitrage journey into the highly lucrative market of the NBA.


Sports ad arbitrage is one of the most profitable strategies when it comes to digital marketing. That's why focusing on FIBA — The International Basketball Federation — can be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to get a piece of the pie. 


FIBA provides access to millions of basketball fans worldwide, offering an ideal target audience. With its wide reach, FIBA offers plenty of opportunities for businesses to capture and capitalize on the attention of sports enthusiasts online. 



FIFA, or the International Federation of Association Football, is another highly sought-after niche within this industry. FIFA offers numerous opportunities for savvy digital marketers to target fans with product or service offerings. With games taking place across multiple international tournaments each year, there is always a high demand for advertising aimed at tapping into the enthusiasm of football fans around the world. 



Focusing on travel can be an effective way to take advantage of ad arbitrage. With the ability to tailor ads to specific locations, it's possible to create highly targeted campaigns with offers that are more relevant, leading to higher conversion rates. 




Moreover, travelers have different needs than the general public. They are typically more willing to purchase services or products that pertain to their trip, making them ideal subjects for ad arbitrage projects. While you may be skeptical, why not explore how far a cleverly crafted ad campaign could go? After all, it never hurts to test different tactics!


Here are some of the best niches to focus on travel:


Best Destinations

Finding the right "hot spots" for travel can ensure maximum exposure for your ad arbitrage content at a minimal cost. Targeting the best destinations, ranging from major cities to exclusive destinations and remote getaways, is often where you'll find high conversions due to an area's popularity. 



But more than just optimizing for success, travel ad arbitrage also allows you to save money on marketing tactics by taking advantage of different regions' specific strategies and approaches – granting you the same saturation level as higher-cost campaigns at no extra cost! So if your goal is maximum reach without breaking the bank, exploring the world of travel ad arbitrage could be a great option.


Solo Travel

More and more people are choosing to try solo travel because of its potential for independence, flexibility, and even new opportunities, which is why now is the right time to maximize this niche. There are tons of potential advantages to embracing the solo traveler lifestyle, like having more flexibility with your plans and taking part in activities not suitable for larger groups. Not to mention the unique cultural experiences you can only have when accompanied by nothing but a good book and a healthy sense of dread-free exploration! 


And because this is a popular niche today, tons of new services and products are in the market for this. This equals more advertising opportunities with ads that provide better pay.

solo travel

Van Life

Living in a van has become the go-to trend among globetrotters and presents an excellent opportunity for travel ad arbitrage. By cruising to different places, Van Lifers can save money on expensive lodging costs while enjoying all the perks of adventure with more flexibility than traditional holidays provide. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to spend on. They have lots!

van life

Travel ad arbitrage offers savvy businesses an untapped goldmine of potential customers. You can target your ads to nomadic travelers, tapping into a rapidly expanding market segment and getting more visibility for your product or service. Furthermore, since van life is often associated with camping and hiking, you can also gain exposure through related advertising networks that focus on those audiences — offering even more opportunities for success. 



Entertainment is one of the best frontiers in the world of ad arbitrage. The potential to generate high-value leads and returns on investments (ROI) is simply unmatched. More interestingly, entertainment has the advantage of having a wide-reaching audience that hails from an eclectic mix of backgrounds and interests. 




People love the thrill they get interacting with entertaining content, thus making it the perfect atmosphere for effective ad spending. For brands, entertainment offers something that no other medium can offer — longevity. Because it typically has a longer shelf life than other types of content nowadays, businesses gain continuous exposure that keeps them ahead of their competitors. 


Here are some of the niches that you can focus on for entertainment:


Celebrity Life/Gossip

The entertainment industry is an ever-evolving landscape filled with opportunities to reach new audiences and monetize them through advertising. One of the most effective ways to capitalize on this is by taking advantage of celebrity life & gossip as a niche for entertainment ad arbitrage. 



England's Royalty

England's Royal Family is a riveting niche to base your entertainment ad arbitrage business due to their extensive, centuries-old heritage. From fashion and trends to everyday life, the British Monarchy has left an everlasting impression across many countries worldwide. 



Now that the throne has been passed to the new monarch — King Charles III, the world wants to be updated more. Investing in entertainment and arbitrage related to England's Royalty is a great opportunity for businesses wishing to capture the attention of this influential audience. 


TV Shows

TV shows have become more than just a means of entertaining audiences; they've become an opportunity for advertisers to target potentially engaged viewers effectively. The avid multiple viewership and fan base that watch certain shows make them a great niche for entertainment ad arbitrage, where cost-effective ads can reach eager audiences. 

tv shows

They are also a proven way to capitalize on viewer loyalty by investing in content related to the very shows people already love. Imagine the breakthrough potential of showing creative advertisements that could further engage their target demographic and dramatically increase clicks and impressions (and even recurring readers), bringing substantial returns on investment. If you're looking for an efficient approach to investing in ads, getting into TV shows could be the ideal place to start!



With all the different stories and topics in movies, there's something for everyone — and that's great news for those who want to reach potential customers! Not to mention all the people these days who enjoy watching movies either at the cinema or streaming on their TVs or computers. 


This can help create a wide pool of potential customers to target ads and services towards. Not only that, but movies also have a certain prestige associated with them that makes ads stand out from other forms of advertising. There's no denying it: most people love a good movie — so why wouldn't you make it work in your favor?



Generating revenue through Google AdSense can be quite successful, yet it doesn’t allow health-related content for ads. If you're thinking about using AdSense to monetize your health-related website, things can get a bit complicated. Health is a tricky topic for ad arbitrage because you must consider many legal and ethical issues that may arise in conjunction with certain ads. 



However, if you still want to pursue this topic, there can be other platforms you can work with as publisher. You can join networks like Yahoo Gemini, OutBrain, Taboola, MGID, and RevContent. Whether it helps people to maintain fitness goals or takes them through the different stages of nutrition and dietary advice, health topics have universal relevance that can help attract viewers from all backgrounds. 


Coupled with higher-than-average click-through rates, this makes it an attractive content segment for advertisers — so there are more potential opportunities for those looking to maximize their returns. Health and wellness not only provide lots of positive benefits in themselves but also creates a great opportunity for those looking to explore ad arbitrage.


Here are some of the niches in health that you can focus on:



Fitness can be an incredibly rewarding niche to launch your health ad arbitrage campaign. That's because the fitness community is simply passionate, especially regarding their well-being. 


Plus, there is such a vast range of information accessible online regarding fitness, which makes it a breeze for you as the ad creator and content publisher to build compelling campaigns that accurately reflect your knowledge and expertise. 



Supplements have become the go-to choice for consumers of all ages to maintain their overall health. They have been proven to help with physical, mental, and emotional well-being, allowing people to enjoy a better quality of life. 


Because there are so many supplements on the market, this niche offers a wide variety of choices when choosing what products to promote, ensuring that you will always find something that works best for your audience. You can even make reviews of various products and then promote them towards the end of your article — giving you the opportunity to earn not jut from ad arbitrage but also from being an affiliate.



Beauty is a great opportunity to capitalize on health ad arbitrage – and the prospects are promising. As people strive for better physical and mental well-being, products related to beauty, wellness, and self-care are always in high demand. 


And there are endless — and we mean ENDLESS — beauty products in the market! This means there is high demand for products and services that fall under this niche. And high demand equals high price of ad placement and increased potential in earnings.



Curiosities have always been one of the top subjects for marketing. By leveraging the power of ad arbitrage, advertisers can take advantage of the latest trends in lifestyle and culture pieces to help further their brand recognition. 


The creative vibrancy of curiosities offers great opportunities for ad arbitrage as it enables you to seize any trends or opportunities that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. 




Here are some niches that you can focus on under curiosities:


Anything Unique

Rather than expecting to compete with much larger competitors, smaller businesses can focus on anything unique and thus stand out from the crowd. Instead of struggling to grab attention, these businesses attract potential customers looking for interesting and specialized offerings. 


Moreover, by taking advantage of trending topics and tailoring their messaging accordingly, they can ensure that their message is relevant, creating additional value in terms of ROI and overall engagement. 


Shocking Discoveries 

Delving into the world of shocking discoveries for ad arbitrage can be a smart move for advertisers. Not only does it capture and retain user attention, but it can also spark conversations in a big way. 


With thoroughly researched facts and figures, they can deliver unexpected truths that inspire curiosity and make news headlines — an ideal position to be in when your goal is to draw attention to a particular product or offer. 



Furthermore, this approach enables advertisers to get ahead of their competitors by creating content that's timely and relevant. You can share revolutionary advancements in various industries while simultaneously working to maximize ROI. 


It's all about finding the right story with the "shock factor" that keeps people talking!


Tips and Tricks to Doing Almost Anything

Nowadays, everybody loves learning a good trick or two that can make even the toughest tasks feel effortless. It entices web users with intriguing facts and useful tips, allowing advertisers to showcase their expertise while building customer trust and gaining profit from their attention. 


tips and tricks


From learning how to cook rice to learning all about cloud computing, there is always something people would like to learn about. Show off your expertise and earn from it!


Wrapping Up

Looking for the best niches to focus on ad arbitrage can be exhausting, especially if you're trying to narrow down your options. In this post, we've done all the research for you and found the niches with the highest traffic and profit potential for 2023 and beyond. 


These niches mentioned above are highly profitable and have the most potential for success due to their high traffic levels, low ad cost, and high-income potential. With the right research coupled with split-testing of ad campaigns, you can find the right keywords, ad placements, and offers to drive a successful ad arbitrage campaign. 


For more information on how to get started with native ad arbitrage, visit our complete guide here. Better yet, reach out to us! If you're in the native ad arbitrage and you'd like to promote your content using native ads, we can surely help.


What are you waiting for? Get started today! Good luck!


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