How to Optimize Native Ad Campaigns for More Revenue using Brax

By Pennylaine Baes

blurred-revenuw-chart Get more revenue out of your native ad campaigns with Brax using our Bulk Ad Builder, metrics tools, multi-platform management, and more.


Optimize Your Native Ad Campaigns for More Revenue With Brax

A successful native ad campaign begins with great content that’s engaging and relevant, and that promotes your brand in a way that reaches your ideal audience. But there’s so much more to running an effective native ad campaign.

Below, we’ll cover five ways that Brax can help optimize your native ad campaigns for more revenue.

5 ways to optimize your native ad campaigns

1. Make sure your native ads are relevant

You’ve created some amazing native ads, but are they relevant to your audience? Native ads don’t only function to get potential customers to click through to your site; a good native advertising campaign should also help promote your brand and build trust with your users.

Native ads are supposed to be non-disruptive and blend into the platform where they’re hosted. Irrelevant, out of place advertisements don’t have good conversion rates, and they can turn users away from your brand. Relevant content leads to conversions and customer loyalty.

Stay relevant with Brax:

  • See the data from your entire native advertising campaign in one place
  • Filter, search, and customize that data
  • Stop underperforming ads with a single click
  • Make changes to your native ad campaign right from the reports
  • Export your ad data to in-depth spreadsheets
2. Use more than one native advertising platform

The most successful native ad campaigns use multiple ads across several different advertising platforms. Why? Eventually, users get used to the default ad positioning and creatives on a website, leading to a lower clickthrough rate (CTR).

Making use of a variety of native ad networks is one of the best ways to enhance your audience engagement—users are more likely to pay attention to newer ads that are relevant to them. Rotating ads allows you to keep bringing fresh content to your customer base.

Manage all of your native ads using Brax:
3. Build native ads in bulk

How do native advertisers get the most out of their ad campaigns? They run tons of different variations of their ads to figure out which ones perform the best. The more native ads that you have to run, the easier you can test their placement, design, and sizes to track the user behavior they encourage.

Testing different ad designs and placement is time-consuming and arduous; build your native ads in bulk and easily track their parameters.

Create your native ads with Brax’s Bulk Ad Builder:
  • Create hundreds of variations of native ads in seconds
  • Upload multiple images at once
  • Push native ads to multiple campaigns
  • Push your content directly to native advertising platforms
  • Track different parameters for every ad
  • Reuse native ads for different campaigns
4. Automate your native ad campaigns

Automating your native ad campaigns can help you manage your revenue, optimize your ads, and test out multiple changes easily. The ideal cost per click (CPC) varies for native advertisers, and automation allows you to schedule changes and see the results in real time.

Automation is a powerful tool for native advertisers; you can use split testing to optimize everything from headlines to color palettes and font styles automatically, and discover which metrics perform the best with your target audience.

Automate adjustments for your budget, pausing, and bidding with Brax:
  • Sync your native ad campaigns between advertising platforms and Brax
  • Schedule your budget and CPC bid changes to go into effect immediately
  • See your campaign CPC changes in real time
5. Create, track, and calculate the metrics of your native ads

To create and run a successful native ad campaign, you want to constantly monitor ad effectiveness and make any necessary changes to increase your CTRs and, ultimately, your revenue and ROI.

By creating, tracking, and calculating key metrics like profit/cost, you can optimize your native ad campaign. Decide which metrics you want to track, and check the data daily. Then comes the fun part: experimenting. Customize your native ad metrics and let Brax automatically make adjustments for you.

Create custom metrics using Brax:
  • Create and view metrics across different campaigns and publishers
  • Filter, search, and customize your metrics
  • Automatically block publishers, adjust bids, or pause ads
  • View your ROI, profit, cost, and revenue side by side

Manage your entire native ad campaign in one place with Brax

According to these statistics from Taboola, native ads:

  • Are viewed 53% more frequently than traditional display ads
  • Produce an 8.8x higher CTR than display ads
  • Show 9% and 18% boosts for brand affinity and purchase intent, respectively.

Native advertising is making a huge impact on the marketing world, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

See how you can optimize your native ad campaigns by using relevant ads on multiple platforms, creating native ads in bulk, and creating, tracking, and automating your key metrics with Brax. Start your 15-day free trial today.